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Non Violent Costume Ideas – Guys Edition

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Looking for non scary costume ideas? We want our teenager to have a cool costume, but we have a strict nonviolent costume rule.  We want our kids to express themselves, but we do not want them scaring smaller kids who are out enjoying trick or treating.  We also do not want a violent costume to be misinterpreted by an authority figure.  For these reasons we have several non-scary costume ideas that are still really cool.  Below is a collection of ideas.

non violent costume ideas for halloween

Participating in dress up gets a little trickier as you get older.  If kids do not want to be violent, or you do not want them to be violent; there are many non violent costume ideas for teens and adults.  In many cases kids want to show a creepy or dangerous side with their costumes, but it is simply not allowed at a certain event.  We’ve compiled several ideas over the years of fun costume ideas that are not at all scary. 

Check out our post here for Non-Violent Costume Ideas For Teen Boys

Looking for other costume ideas?  After checking out our list of easy going DIY Guy costume ideas here, we have a few other costume idea round ups you should also pin and save for later.

Disney Costume Ideas

Rock Star Costume Ideas

Group Costume Ideas

Couple Costume Ideas

Modest Girl Costume Ideas

Musical Theatre Costume Ideas – Coming soon!

Super Hero Costume Ideas – Coming Soon!



Indiana Jones Costume

easy diy no sew indiana jones costume

Percy Jackson Costume

diy percy jackson cosplay costume

Fear Costume DIY

DIY FEAR Inside Out Costume vest and bowtie

Anger Costume – No Sew Costume

DIY Anger Costume inside out group costume no sew

Jareth – Labryinth Costume

jareth halloween costume

Freddie Mercury Costume

EASY diy freddie mercury costume

Slash – Guns and Roses Costume

guns and roses diy slash costume

Axl Rose Costume

no sew diy axl rose costume guns and roses rock star 80s dress up halloween

Olaf Costume


Incredibles Costume

edna mode diy no sew costume and incredibles costume

Thor Costume

no sew Thor costume DIY easy foam halloween marvel dress up

LEGO Thor Costume

LEGO Thor DIY Costume legoland costume contest winner

Bob Belcher Costume

bob and linda belcher costume DIY easy couple costume

Gene Belcher Costume

Bob's Burger's Gene Belcher costume easy Hamburger costume

Johnny Rose Costume

Moira and Johnny Rose Costumes

David Rose Costume

David and Alexis Rose Costumes DIY Schitt's Creek Costumes group halloween idea no sew

Robin Hood Costume

Easy Robin Hood and Maid Marian Costumes DIY Oogie Boogie Bash couple costume idea

Fred – Big Hero Six Costume

non violent guy costumes no sew

Baymax Hat – last minute DIY Costume

baymax costume last minute disney costume idea

Alexander Hamilton Costume

affordable hamilton costume easy group costume historical dress up

Bert – Mary Poppins Costume

bert and mary poppins costume diy mickeys halloween party

Sheldon Big Bang Theory Costume

sheldon cooper big bang theory easy costume diy



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