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Noonday Jewelry for good – one friend’s story about how she is helping an orphan she never met!

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patrick-reeces-rainbowI have a few friends who sell Noonday Jewelry.  It’s beautiful and looks like something you might see in an Anthropolgie window.  I love Noonday because it is well made and unique, but also is an official fair trade company.  I love the history and the mission of Noonday as a company.  Noonday Jewelry was started by an adoptive family who wanted to raise money for their plane tickets, but they also wanted to help the economy of the country they were adopting from.  They approached local artisans and asked them if they could buy some jewelry and let the artisans set the price.  The family brought the jewelry home and it sold so quickly they thought they needed to do more of this.  A few years later Noonday Jewelry Collection employs hundreds of artisans who make a fair wage in places of the world where fair wages options did not exist before. Noonday is keeping families together, Noonday also supports several orphan care and adoption charities.

noonday-necklaceNoonday Jewelry Collection

I have shouted out a couple friends that are Noonday Ambassadors over the years – today I am excited that my friend Kelly is sharing about why she sells Noonday Collection.  Kelly donates every penny she makes to help pay adoption fees for an orphan on an international waiting list for kids with developmental delays or special medical challenges.  While many people think adoption is a wonderful thing, the number one reason people say they cannot adopt is the money.  Travel and legal fees for an inter country adoption is typically in the tens of thousands of dollars.  Reece’s Rainbow is a grant organization that partners with agencies and orphanages to not only advocate for hard to place kids, but also offers grants for families who choose to adopt the kiddos listed.  Where does the grant money come from?  Private donations.  People make tax deductible donations and by filling up these funds kids are beating statistics! Awesome right?


So anyway, my friend Kelly is a Noonday Collection Ambassador and makes a commission with every sale.  Kelly’s family is not planning to adopt (I’m praying they will someday 😉 ) but she has always been supportive of friends and even strangers who choose adoption for their family.  I am humbled by how Kelly finds a waiting child on Reece’s Rainbow and she chooses to advocate for them and donate all her profits (all you guys, not just some!) from Noonday.  You may remember she shared about a little boy called “Whitaker” on Reece’s Rainbow last year – she faithfully donated all her earnings until Whitaker’s family completed their adoption!  You can read about his family’s journey home here at A Million Steps to Sergey.  She has decided to do it again – this time she is fundraising for Patrick. She says she will donate money into his account until he is committed to.  Patrick is a waiting child, he is an orphan and is available for adoption – perhaps he is a match for your family or a family you know?  Please note Kelly and I just support Reece’s Rainbow – we don’t have any contact info – if you have any questions about Patrick please don’t hesitate to contact Reece’s Rainbow!

I asked Kelly a few questions about what she is doing as far as orphan advocacy – I hope you are inspired and encouraged by her answers to come along side her – donate to Reece’s Rainbow, purchase something pretty for a friend knowing it helps out, or simply find another way to help those in need.  Thank you Kelly for taking the time to share with us…..


1) Who is Patrick and why are you fundraising for him?

Kelly : Patrick is an 11 year old orphan in Asia who has osteo imperfecta (brittle bones). I fundraise and advocate for him in the hope of finding him a family who can provide a loving home and medical care.


2) What is a Reece’s Rainbow ‘guardian angel?

Kelly : A Guardian Angel is someone who commits to advocating for a special needs orphan through the Reece’s Rainbow grant foundation. I personally advocate for Patrick with prayer, donations, and raising awareness for him in hope of finding an adoptive family. Patrick is the 3rd child that I’ve worked with. The previous 2 children did find families! It seems my small efforts are making a difference so I will continue on this path, one child at a time.


3) How do you raise funds for him?

Kelly : I conduct various fundraisers, but the main source of my contribution comes from my work with Noonday Collection. I’m an ambassador for Noonday (a sales rep), which is a fair trade company and a great organization in and of itself. It’s purpose is to provide jobs and a fair wage for impoverished people around the globe. The artisans who craft Noonday accessories have been lifted from poverty by earning a wage that is 2-10 times more than they could possibly earn in their homeland.

All of my Noonday commission is donated directly to Patrick’s adoption fund. I figure, through my work with Noonday, I’m able to support two causes at once (the artisan+Patrick). And it’s actually quite fun!


4)What is it that makes Noonday your choice over the other direct sales business options out there?

Kelly: The cause. Over 20,000 people are supported through the crafting of Noonday accessories. (This includes the artisans and their families) These people had no hope prior to their jobs with Noonday…..many of them living on the streets. Now, they have homes and can support their families.

Noonday is founded on the verse from Isaiah 58:10, if you satisfy the needs of the oppressed, your night will become like the NOONDAY sun This verse inspires me and I feel one of my personal “duties” is to provide hope for the hopeless and a voice for the voiceless.



5) I like your style – even though your family isn’t in the process of adoption you are taking time out of your life to help a child’s chance in finding a family. What encouragement do you have for others who want to do something to help but don’t know what to do?


We can all do something.   I was ignorant about the needs of the oppressed and impoverished people of the world until just a few years ago. Once I started taking small to become more aware and to help, doors opened. I would encourage others to just start living a life of gratitude…..look at all that you have and look for small ways you could make someone else’s life a little better.


*Thank you so much Kelly for sharing about what you are doing for a kiddo you will likely never meet!  I pray Patrick is in a family soon and I know you are doing everything you can to help him!  Friends reading this – if you have ever considered adoption but think it is simply too expensive please know one of our most popular posts includes How to Afford Adoption which includes information including a $13,000 tax credit available to any adoptive family, dozens of adoption grants, and money saving ideas!  Adoption is hard but I am thankful for people like Kelly, organizations like Reece’s Rainbow, and companies like Noonday Collection that truly care about orphans, adoption, and love! This post is not at all sponsored and I am not trying to ‘earn’ jewelry – but I do hope you buy some because Patrick will benefit! You can do some guilt free shopping knowing that the jewelry you buy is fair trade and all the proceeds go to help a little guy you never met find a family! You can shop here – Kelly Dean Noonday Collection!  You can always make a tax deductible donation to Reece’s Rainbow directly too (link above).

“There are no unwanted children, only unfound families.”

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Just stopping by to say I love your blog and I love Noonday.I love that Noonday is fair-trade and has artisans that are crafting such beautiful pieces and purchasing them you are supporting those artisans!

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