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That one time we chatted with Josh Temple about our home renovation!

Posted on: by Kate

we met josh temple

Last week Harry and I attended our first Dad 2.0 Summit.  Dad 2 is a great conferences specifically for dad bloggers…. they let a couple moms slip in too! We were thrilled to meet Josh Temple from HGTV and chat about our home renovation.

Most of you probably know Josh from his show on HGTV.  This show is what my dreams are made of.  Most of you know we have been slowly working through the fixer upper house that just won’t quit.  We have been renovating for more than 3 years.  Why is it taking so long?  We are committed to doing every bit of our renovation without any debt. We are also doing most of the work ourselves.  Doing things yourself and saving the cash to do those things takes FOREVER YOU GUYS!  We met Josh at a Hyatt…. we really need to meet him at a Lowes.  Oh if only we could be so lucky someday!

As awesome as that would be, we still had a really great opportunity at Dad 2.0 Summit to chat with him about home improvement.  Josh was kind enough to interview us to share with us and our readers about ways to save money on our home heating and cooling costs.  We had no idea how much money we are wasting every single month.  Check out the video below for more information on how Josh suggests you save energy and money.

Thank to our new friend Josh for taking the time to interview us.  Thank you to Rheem for setting up the interviews and for letting us know we need to replace our water heater sooner rather than later!  You are saving us the big bucks for sure!

Also, I am not kidding Josh.  We are at home improvement stores every single weekend. Please come find us….. I’m begging you.


Until Next Time ~ Kate
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