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Operation Christmas Child : How to pack a shoebox

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Every year our family packs a few Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes .  We have found this is a charity that is very tangible for our kids to understand and we know it helps kids just like our kids who just don’t have as much.  It helps center our kids a bit that month before Christmas – they are just regular American kids that fall into that “I want this and this and that….” mentality at Christmas time, and we really don’t want that. We love giving gifts to our kids of course, but we are constantly trying to remind them that Christmas is about giving more than it is about receiving.  OCC makes it easy for our kids to understand, and also participate.

Christmas is about giving

Last year we hosted a public box packing party and packed over 50 boxes for boys and girls ages 2 – 14!   Our kids love to pack a box for a child their age.  We buy things throughout the year that are a good deal, and even save some street festival freebies.  We bring home pencils, bouncy balls, stickers, temporary tattoos, jump ropes, and more for FREE all Summer long – we usually back several of our freebie items into our boxes for some bonus fun that doesn’t cost any more!

If your kids are familiar with Veggie Tales you might want to show them this short video where Bob & Larry explain what Operation Christmas Child boxes are all about, and also a few guidelines on how to pack (ie, don’t include food or war related items, please make sure all items are new, etc.)

We are in the process of moving this year so we are planning a much smaller party with just a couple friends – but I do hope you will check out OCC and see if you would like to pack a box or two for a child this holiday season.  There are drop off locations all over the US and they ship in big giant crates to very happy kids all over!  How great is that?!

*Full Disclosure -Operation Christmas Child is a faith based organization.  This may not reflect the views of all who sponsor our blog.  We have chosen to work with Operation Christmas Child because it does reflect our family’s faith, but also because many of our friends that do not share our faith choose to pack boxes because they feel that OCC is a trustworthy organization that helps children feel special during the holiday season.  We know not everyone chooses the same charity, I trust all our readers will find a charity that matches their hearts during the holiday season – this is just one of our favs and I thank you for allowing me to share.*

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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