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Outside the Bowl and Adoration Christian Centre

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A huge thank you to Nicole from Outside the Bowl for sharing this guest post with us.  She is sharing how Outside the Bowl and Adoration Christian Centre is helping vulnerable and at risk children in Haiti.  I have shared about Outside the Bowl who’s tag line is ‘feeding the body and soul’ before – it is a charity that is close to our hearts and one that our family has committed to supporting even when things were tight in our family finances.  Outside the Bowl was started by a couple in Carlsbad California and at this time has served over one million meals to children all over the world that otherwise would have gone hungry.  Please read about some of the incredible work they are doing with Adoration Christian Centre – and please see the ridiculously easy way you can help them out this September (last paragraph!) – it’s like so easy I can’t even handle it…..


Even in the United States, school can be challenging for kids living with special needs. All too often, schools are under-equipped, underfunded or under sourced to provide for their needs. Now imagine what life is like for a special needs child living in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world. This is a country that cannot provide food, education or work for a majority of its citizens. Adoration Christian Centre in Port au Prince offers schooling to approx. 380 kids, and is one of the few schools with a Special Needs classroom.   Adoration also provides one daily meal to their students. For most of them, the meal they receive at Adoration is their only meal of the day. A few months ago, Adoration was barely able to continue their feeding program due to funding limitations. Food in Haiti is expensive, and hard to come by. Thankfully, God brought Outside the Bowl and Adoration school together. As a result of the partnership, Adoration now spends about half of what it was previously spending to feed their students, putting money directly back into their budget. Imagine what Adoration can and will do with this “found money!”

Outside the Bowl’s Country Director, Lori Tugwell, visited Adoration recently and shares her experience below:

“I spent a little time in the Special Needs classroom at Adoration School today. A particular young girl named Hirlinda caught my attention. Her smile as she was being served her lunch time meal at school was priceless. We are glad to partner with Adoration School as they are educating 380 of the most marginalized children in the city (Port au Prince). These kids would otherwise be out on the streets, uneducated. Most have their only meal of the day here at school, prepared and delivered by Outside the Bowl. In a country where most children with special needs are discarded and abandoned – this school is saying – you are of great worth! AND they are!

Hirlinda didn’t communicate with me verbally today, but I know the feeling she wanted to express – JOY!

Just want to say thank you to our supporters for all the contributions that have been made – prayerfully and financially to help us meet the needs of the hungry in Haiti.

May God bless you to be a blessing!



And a call to action that is SO EASY for our friends and readers in North County San Diego!

Since 2007, Outside the Bowl has been building super kitchens capable of serving thousands of hungry kids each day. There are now 5 kitchens operating in Mexico, South Africa and Haiti. The 6th super kitchen should be open for operation by the end of September, 2015. But through it all, their greatest concern isn’t the food being served; it’s the ministry that goes along with it, Outside the Bowl. Outside the Bowl is truly feeding the hungry…body and soul. Learn how you can help build a super kitchen here. Looking for an easy way to do your part! SEPTEMBER IS HUNGER ACTION MONTH! Visit Chick-fil-A in Oceanside, San Marcos, Escondido or Encinitas and buy a cookie to help take a bite out of hunger. Participating Chick-fil-A locations will donate up to $1 per cookie sold in the month of September.

Thank you to Outside the Bowl for sharing about Adoration Christian Centre with our readers – I had honestly never heard of this organization before and they are now on our prayer and support list!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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