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Bringing the magic of Cars 3 home : Piston Cup Showdown Racing Game!

Posted on: by Kate
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cars 3 piston cup game

It should come as no surprise that our kids have declared that Cars 3 is the best in the Cars franchise. Our kids have always been fans, but Cars 3 holds a special place in our hearts.  While we love an extended story of our beloved Lightning McQueen, we have really loved the addition of Jackson Storm and Cruz.  We saw Cars 3 in theaters more than once and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Cars has always encouraged viewers to follow their dreams and be true to who they are, but every racer was a boy.  The message in Cars 3 does not at all exclude the boys, but it sends a clear and direct message to girls. Cruz and Lightning encourage girls to not be afraid to pursue their dreams, even if what they want to do has typically been a boys club. Not only does it encourage girls to go after their dreams, it validates with story and dialogue that this has not always been the message girls hear.

cars 3 race

Jackson Storm is a fun, new character too. Jackson Storm gives Cruz and Lightning a worthy and skilled opponent. He gets a bad rap for being a little sassy, but Lightning McQueen was a little sassy in his day too.  Storm is just a new, hard working, talented racer, and we actually love that he is on the scene.  He is the guy to beat. Our kids are loyal to Lightning, but they love and admire the skills of this new character!

Cars 3 toys

All that to say, there has been a lot of Cars 3 imaginative play going on in our house. My littlest just turned six and cannot get enough of Cars 3!  We have seen the movie in theaters, colored all the Cars 3 printables we could find, bought clothes, and now we are finding fun games to play too.  I was thrilled to surprise her with Piston Cup Showdown Racing Game. Our sponsor, Spin Master sent us this game to experience because they knew we had a Cars 3 enthusiast in the house! This is a two person game that is suggested for ages five and up.

piston cup game

Piston Cup Showdown Racing Game by Spin Master is a fun racing game, perfect for a play date. Our kids figured out how race quickly and were re-enacting their favorite scenes in no time.

piston cup cars game

For our little one, it is kind of magical. I love to sit back and watch her imagination go wild.  It is as if she puts herself into the movie.  Even though Jackson Storm is often faster than McQueen in this new film, my daughter is loyal to her first love.  She always wants to play Lightning in every race.

cars game

Piston Cup Showdown is a race between the legend Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm and they love to reenact Cars 3 race scenes with the two main characters.

jackson storm cars 3 toys

Our family gives Piston Cup Showdown Racing Game two thumbs up.  This would make a perfect gift for any Cars 3 fans you may want to surprise! Spin Master Games – Cars 3 toys including Piston Cup Showdown are available now at  Toys R Us and also at Walmart (shop below!)




Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Lisa says:

    What a fun game! Doing some back to school shopping and will keep an eye out for this!

  2. Wendy Conlee says:

    I would play Lightning in every race too! What a fun game! I bet my younger two would race all day!

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