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5 cool things I saw on the Pixar Campus

Disclosure: Our trip to Pixar was hosted by Disney Pixar. Opinions are always my own.

Pixar Animation Studios is the goal for so many creative people all over the world.  Pixar, like Disney has a name that is synonymous with excellence in storytelling and movies.  The Pixar Campus is hands down the coolest working environment I have ever seen.  Pixar characters and other whimsical touches are everywhere.  I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to tour the Pixar campus and I am happy to share that with you here today.

cool things i saw on the pixar campus

The energy on the Pixar Campus is unlike anything I have ever seen before.  Creativity and surprises are around every corner.  Last month I was able to join a tour of the Pixar Campus.  As any good animation loving nerd would, I took lots of pictures. I am here today to share five cool things I saw on the Pixar Campus Tour.

Fun facts about Pixar Animation

1) Pixar was founded in the late 1970s!

2) The Adventures of André and Wally B. was Pixar’s first movie!

3) The late Steve Jobs bought Pixar for $5 million on Feb. 3, 1986.

4) Pixar began its relationship with Disney in 1991.  The first film they contracted together was the original Toy Story.

5) Toy Story was the first animated film that was fully computer generated.

6) Toy Story 2 was originally planned as a home release only.

7) Like Disney, artists are required to go on research trips. Film makers working on Finding Nemo visited Monterey Bay Aquarium and Hawaii!

8) The Incredibles was the first Pixar movie with a PG rating.

9) There were other emotions considered for Inside Out than the 5 featured. “Surprise” was one!

10) According to Facebook, Dory is the most beloved Pixar character.

pixar gate


First, The Steve Jobs Building

The Steve Jobs Building is an incredible tribute to a man who changed the industry in so many ways.  Our tour guide shared about how special this campus was to him. One of my favorite things she shared was that Steve insisted on roses being planted all over the campus.  He said this was so employees were able to pick a flower at any time and put it on their desk.

Steve Jobs Building

Inside the Steve Jobs Building it is hard to not feel inspired.  Can you imagine the amount of creativity that this place holds? Characters are born here, that is epic. Here is a little peek and how much fun they have at work….

inside the steve jobs building lobby

Exposed brick and a giant painting of Merida. Yep, I could get behind seeing this every day as I walk into work.

brave painting

2.  One Bagillion Awards

Pixar is the proud owner of many prestigious awards.  Dozens of Oscars and other awards are on display for anyone to see.

Pixar Oscars

Behind a glass case you can view each plaque and statue.  There is one award that is more precious than any other, and it shows the true heart of Pixar. This little tattered Woody doll is one of Pixar’s greatest treasures.  A little boy turned him in on a family trip to Walt Disney World. His parents had just bought him a new Woody doll and he wanted this one to spend “Infinity and Beyond” with Buzz Lightyear. A Disney employee sent it to Pixar so Woody could do just that.  I’m not crying, you are. John Lasseter apparently cannot tell the story without tearing up, so we are all in good company.

woody doll at pixar legendIf this isn’t the heart and soul of Pixar, I don’t know what is.


3. Pixar Characters EVERYWHERE!

We saw so many of our favorite Pixar Characters!  It felt like walking into a theme park at every turn.  I can’t imagine working here and not being giddy every time you see Rainbow Unicorn.

rainbow unicorn pixarJust reading a script with Rainbow Unicorn, as one does when they are on the Pixar Campus!

incredibles statues pixarThe Incredibles meet you at the door. I am not sure where Jack is….

Yep. That is a Finding Nemo Sea Gull.  Just a giant statue of a “Mine! Mine!” bird on top of an office building.  Because, Pixar.

huge bruce and nemo statueI can almost hear Bruce letting his little friends know that he truly believes that “Fish are friends, not food.” It is easy to focus in on the charming statues, but don’t miss that incredible architecture.  I’ve said it before, I will say it again, this campus makes my heart happy!

bing bong statue

4. A Gym that makes me want to work out.

So I didn’t actually get to go inside the gym, but we toured outside. It sounds amazing and I would probably be in amazing shape; if only I worked at Pixar. Next to the gym here is a garden where many of the on campus restaurant gets fresh veggies from too!

Check out the basketball court!

pixar basketball court

The grounds around the gym are blooming with beautiful spring flowers.

flowers at pixar

Oh, and the have a pool…… because of course they do.

pixar pool


5. The Iconic Pixar Lamp and Ball

Last but certainly not least, the iconic Pixar Lamp and Ball. Everyone of course wanted a picture with this little piece of animation memorabilia.  If it wasn’t charming enough already, keep scrolling….. it turns on at night!

pixar lot

I was so excited, I couldn’t even wait to get up to it! I wasn’t sure we would get the chance to walk by so I snapped this photo from way back, just in case.

giant pixar lamp

pixar ball and lamp

Can you believe this sweetness? The light turns on and we all feel like the movie is about to begin.

pixar lamp lights up

Can I get a collective sigh?

I was able to tour the Pixar Campus as part of the Cars 3 Event.  Cars 3 Event was one of the first press events in celebration of Cars 3, which races into theaters on June 16th! Watch the trailer below and make sure to come back here for more behind the scenes information about Cars 3!

Thank you to Pixar who invited me along as part of the Cars 3 Event.  Your campus is what dreams are made of and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to see it in person!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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    When they start opening up the Pixar campus for weddings, I want to have a vow renewal under the lamp with the unicorn officiating.

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