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Playmation Review

Posted on: by Kate
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Playmation-reviewI first heard about Playmation at the D23 Expo and was in love with the idea from the start.  Playmation is physical play for the digital generation. My son would love to play video games all day long but that isn’t really our thing.  We want our kids to move and use their imagination when they play.  When I heard that there was a new video game system that allowed kids to enjoy a video game but that they had to move to play and they had to use their imagination I was like ‘FINALLY!’!  I knew that it would be popular and I anxiously awaited the opportunity to be a tester for this new gaming system.  I have heard a lot of people asking “How do you play Playmation?” and “What exactly is it?” and I am so excited to share a Playmation Review!



I received a box from Playmation just a couple weeks before it became available to the public so we could share with our audience.  We were insanely excited but decided to save for my son’s birthday which was in the middle of October.  We knew he would flip his lid and he totally did!  He kept saying “You are letting me have a video game? REALLY?  I get to keep it mom? And I get to play it?”  I promise I am not mean, we just haven’t had a video game system yet – we don’t have the space and if our son doesn’t move he gets a little too antsy for all of us.  Just like every kid he really wants to play video games and we do allow a few computer games for limited time, but this is just a totally different game.  Playmation has changed our philosophy when it comes to video games!  If you are like us an hesitant this might change your mind too.


I love Playmation not only because they have to move and use their imagination, but because I know my little gamer is playing something completely G rated.  No scariness, violence, naughty words, or scantily clad inappropriateness in the world of Playmation.  Our kids don’t need any of that nonsense to have fun. Players will use their imaginations and complete their missions without being subjected to stuff that is out of our family’s comfort zone.  Prudish Mama Kate’s stamp of approval!


If you have a child that wants a video gaming system but you would prefer they jump and run and use their imagination Playmation might be the amazing combination you never knew you were dreaming for.  I had never thought there could be something like Playmation!  Playmation completely satisfies my kid’s love of technology and gaming but also keeps me happy because when they play it I see them running, jumping, hiding, and just being active.

How does it work? Playmation Marvel Avengers Starter Pack Repulsor includes interconnected products which use embedded content to let players step into the world of the Marvel Avengers!  Kids (or adults!) wear a repulsor (looks like an awesome glove) that works with two power activators and two action figures. 25 unique missions are programmed into the kit.  Players strap on the very easy to use gear and listen to their missions.  Kids cannot play this sitting down, they must be active – using different blast modes, blocking, hiding, running, jumping, and more! Light and sound effects as well as vibration with every blast makes it feel like they are living in a video game!
We heard at D23 Expo that the Marvel Pack (that we are playing with now) is only the first – that Star Wars Playmation and Frozen Playmation are in the works!  We cannot wait to add to our collection!


Playmation is available with Amazon Prime and is a perfect gift for birthdays or the holidays!

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What do you think of Playmation?  I am curious to hear what folks who have video game systems think of Playmation as well as those who decidedly do not have a video game system in their house think.  I am really happy to see technology being used in this way! I hope that it is as exciting to many of you as it is to me!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
Comments: 3 Responses
  1. It looks very cool! Here’s a question – do you think adults would enjoy this game too? We have Disney Infinity and I’ve liked playing it, but not sure if this is another one that would translate well to us “big kids” 😉

  2. Valerie says:

    I’m still cnfused! Does it hook up to a TV or is it a totally independent system? How do they hear their mission? Do they have to play within sight of their action figure base? I think you should make a video for this one! 😉

    • kate says:

      it’s independent =) the main game piece as well as the arm piece make noise and light up – perhaps I do need to make a video haha!

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