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Thank you very much for your interest in working together.  We offer a variety of  advertising, consulting, and networking opportunities!  I love to work with brands and other bloggers!  Below are several ways we can work together.  Please note we have many inquiries to work together so I truly appreciate you taking the time to read through how we typically work before emailing!  Thanks again for checking us out, I hope to hear from you soon!

Website Advertising

Highlights Along The Way offers sponsored post, online campaign, and limited sidebar advertising options.

We also happily consider Brand Ambassadorships/Sponsorships!

Sponsored Content-  Highlights Along The Way is a perfect place to promote family friendly products and services. We prefer to weave client’s products or business into a natural story line, recipe, or other post. We partnered with Kaiser Permanente to discuss some success we had in naturally treating eczema.  Please email us for current rates. If your client is looking to share editorial content that is relevant to our audience we have very reasonable rates to provide that coverage.  Please note that editorial posts are paid on Highlights Along The Way. We are currently only offering limited sponsored posts.  Unique, pre-written articles will be considered if they meet the following criteria. 1. Well written, at least 1,000 words.  2. A relevant topic for our audience. 3. Understanding that links will be no-follow and disclosures will be clear. 4. Understanding that payment must be made up front before publishing. Sponsored blog posts will be shared on our site, in our e-newsletter, and on Facebook.  Rates begin at $900.

Social Advertising –  We would love to be a part of your Social Media Campaign!  Social media is kinda my favorite and I love to share quick social shares on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that fit our audience.  Our rates are quite reasonable and our audience is very engaged! Here is an example of a sponsored Instagram post. Rates begin at $200 for Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest advertising.  Instagram posts begin at $350.

Sponsoring a Current Round Up – Yearly contracts are available for sponsoring our high performing recipe and DIY round ups.  12 month sponsorship is a one time fee of $500.

Round Ups & Gift Guides – Seasonal round-ups are available in themes such as Gifts for Mom, Summer Must-Haves, Stocking stuffer Ideas, Kid’s Gift Guide, etc. Compensation is required for inclusion. Each product will include a short paragraph including key information and an image of the product. Promotion via Facebook and Twitter included.

Have Suitcase, Will Travel – Family and Couple Travel and Vacation Destinations – do you have a Media or FAM trip coming up?  I would love to join you!  I would be traveling from San Diego and require a flight from San Diego or Carlsbad Airport or if in Southern California I am happy to travel via Amtrak (I actually prefer it).  I prefer family or couple travel, but more than happy to consider traveling solo a couple times a year.  We love to share about our travel extensively through Social Media and also in an article (or series of articles).  I happily provide samples of Domestic and International Travel.  I cannot write about your travel destination if I have not been there; so please invite me to check it out!  Check out our series on our trip sponsored by the Costa Rican Travel Bureau and Disneyland – we’d love to add you to our list of travels! Should your client want us to share about their travel destination but do not sponsor trips please see the description above for Editorial Posts.  We’d be happy to share the information on your press release provided it fits our audience…. for a fee.  That’s fair right?

Restaurant/ Attractions / Event Coverage ~ Have an event in Southern California you would like me or my family to attend?  We love to attend special events and get the word out!  We happily consider sharing about local restaurants and entertainment either in an advertisement as noted above, a giveaway, or live event coverage.

Giveaways ~

Have us Host a Giveaway : With little exception, we are not hosting giveaways at this time.  *Giveaway spots during the months of October – December are at a premium and will include an additional charge.

Do you want us to share about your giveaway with our audience?  We have prices for that too.  I mean, because if I am not working for you I might want to enter your giveaway and why on Earth would I make my chances worse by spreading the word right?  That’s crazy talk.

Facebook Live – Contact for pricing.

Instagram Stories – Contact for pricing.

Instagram Live – Contact for pricing.

Instagram Take Over – Contact for pricing.

Photography – Do you see a photo you would like to use in your advertising campaign? Contact us, many of our photos are available for purchase.  We own the rights to all of our photos and they may not be used without permission. Tagging us when you use our photo is not sufficient.  Please contact us first – we would love to work with you! Let us know what you want and we can help!

ConsultingWe offer web, blogging, and social media consulting services. One time hourly ($50/hr), or ongoing rates are available.  Please contact for details.  Believe it or not, we get far too many invites for ‘cups of coffee’ to pick our brain.  Our rates are reasonable, let me know if you want to chat!   Consulting is not available at this time.

Reviews – We have many offers for reviews and simply cannot accommodate all that are offered.  Review items are fun, but they do not pay bills so I am limited.  For the most part, items sent are to sample to see if we would like to endorse on our blog in a sponsored campaign – I don’t work for crackers and pizza crusts, I just don’t.  BUT if I sample your crackers and pizza crust and I like them then we can talk about a way we can partner that is mutually beneficial.  Unless otherwise contracted; review items are simply for personal review. A promotional blog post will need a paid contract. A Review Item must be considered non-returnable, I’m not sending anything back. I typically have a 2 – 3 week turn around from receiving an item to posting (if we have contracted for a post). Read this again if you sent us a thing and expected us to write about it.

I’m also open to other ideas you may have on how we can partner that I have not mentioned above.  Please email me at Kate ‘at’ HighlightsAlongTheWay ‘dot’ com (remove spaces and us @ and .)

Our current social numbers as of 9/2017, I have provided links so you can check how we work and play there and also how we have grown since this update….

Twitter – 10300+

Facebook   5500+

Instagram 9700+

Pinterest 8000+

YouTube 1000+

Please email for current site impressions, email subscriptions, reach and advertising pricing that is not already listed.

Looking for to guest blog?


Guest Bloggers

We love to work with guest bloggers!  We ask that content is absolutely original and not published on any other sites (including your own).  We will not consider posts that are PR driven and promotional in nature (read : link farmers look elsewhere, I won’t even respond to you).  We do not charge to guest post, guest posts are also unpaid.  We do allow one google no follow link back if you are a blogger either to your blog or a relevant article on your blog.  While not required, we sure hope you will share the article published on our page with your audience as well.  It is required that you follow Highlights Along the Way via any social media channels you participate in.  I don’t ‘need’ an extra follow anywhere, but it just doesn’t make any sense why you would want to share here if you aren’t even a ‘fan’; I mean, unless you just like to take advantage and where are your manners? 😉 It’s all about networking people.  Articles we will consider : Your personal adoption story, original recipes, cute food, DIY crafts, DIY house projects, frugal living, etc.  I am not interested in Travel stories (we only share our own or our contributors), or anything of a promotional nature (we have advertising options for those who want to share their wares with our audience).

Before submitting, please make sure to double check grammar and spelling. Time rarely allows us to edit and guests posts should be free of these types of errors.


Please submit your idea or article for consideration to kate ‘at’ highlightsalongtheway ‘dot’ com – again, remove the spaces and use @ and . – you get it!

A couple guidelines –

  • Make sure your photos are YOURS and YOURS only – do not take photos off of a google search/etc – that’s kind of is illegal.
  • Before submitting, please make sure to double check grammar and spelling. Time rarely allows us to edit and guests posts should be free of these types of errors.
  • Please include at least two photos. Make sure all your photos are light and bright.  Please do not submit blurry photos.
  • Again, please only send articles that are completely unique and have not been published elsewhere (including your site) – that doesn’t do either of us favors in google’s eyes, and that is kinda why you guest post right.
  • If you are sharing some kind of DIY or How To type post please make a pinnable image for the post with your favorite photo (or collage) along with text. This makes it more pinnable, meaning it is more likely to be shared, meaning more pageviews for both of us – win win!
  • If you are a blogger; make sure to share a short bio and a headshot if you like.
  • If you want to send in HTML you will be my best friend forever.  Body of an email and photos as JPEGS is fine, but peeps who send in HTML are my favorite.  #EasyButton
  • I don’t want to stifle your creativity, but please guest posts should be a minimum of  1000 words.