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WellieWishers Easter Basket – no candy!

welliewishers easter basket no candy idea

If you have a little girl to make an Easter Basket for, WellieWishers might just be on her list. WellieWishers are a sweet and silly group of girls who each…

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Reasons you should start composting right now.


Composting is one of the easiest ways you can reduce your carbon footprint.  Whether you have a small yard, large yard and garden, or no yard at all; you can…

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5 reasons why we love WellieWishers!

American Girl Doll is on many holiday wish lists.  My oldest asked for an American Girl Doll for years before Santa actually delivered.  Now that our littlest has been playing…

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American Girl Stocking Stuffers – gifts for $25 or less!

American Girl Dolls and their millions of accessories are on the Christmas wish lists of girls (and boys all over America… and beyond).  While American Girl Dolls are so cute,…

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All About Nanea! An American Girl Doll GIVEAWAY!

Just in time for the holidays, we are giving away a beautiful Nanea Mitchell American Girl doll!  If you would like to win an American Girl Doll for someone special,…

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The ultimate Ralph Breaks the Internet gift guide

Ralph breaks the internet gift guide

Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet is sure to capture the hearts of Wreck it Ralph fans all over again as soon as it hits theaters this season. If you are…

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Pixar in a Box – free educational programming for creative kids!

khan academy pixar

Is your child obsessed with animation? Maybe your child has dreams of being an animator or working in the animation industry.  Elementary, middle, and high school students that hope to…

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Tween Books Prize Pack from American Girl!

american girl giveaway

We are the proud parents of a tween girl.  Twelve years old is such a fun age, but it can also be challenging!  Growing up is hard, but we want…

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A tween trip to the American Girl Doll Store

American Girl Doll Store Los Angeles

My oldest turned twelve earlier this spring. Twelve. She’s in that transition phase where we are reminded daily with bittersweet reality that time is a thief.  All too often we…

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DIY Pallet Guy – highlighting artists

DIY Pallet Guy on Facebook

As you know, crafty people always make me smile! Today I am excited to share DIY Pallet Art is all the craze.  I am excited to share a new SoCal…

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Luciana Vega – American Girl Doll of the Year : Giveaway!

win an american girl doll from highlights along the way

As most American Girl Doll fans know already, the 2018 Girl of the Year is a bit of a game changer.  American Girl fans wait with anticipation every year, wondering…

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Piper Computer Kit Review – The Best STEM Gift for kids!

best stem gift for kids

We love to encourage anything STEM related in all of our kids. Today we are sharing about our experience with the Tech Toy of the Year 2017.  We think the…

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The Best Disney Pixar Coco Gift Guide!

Disney Pixar Coco gift guide

Disney Pixar’s Coco has continued to capture the hearts of families everywhere. If you are looking for a beautiful Coco inspired gift, we have several beautiful Coco items curated here! …

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Thunder Hollow Mud Madness

thunder hollow mud madness game

Cars 3 captured our hearts on the big screen, and once again when we could view it at home. Our kids love all the Cars movies, but Cars 3 is…

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Sweetlings are a sweet gift idea for your crafty kid!

Sweetlings craft

Sweetlings is a new craft by Alex Brands that invites you to “frost your world”.  As a mom to crafty kids who also love to bake, I am always on…

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Teaching Tweens Guitar with Fender Play

fender guitar

I love that we are a musical family. One of the ways my husband won me over was with his smooth guitar playing skills. I literally lettered in competitive show…

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Bringing the magic of Cars 3 home : Piston Cup Showdown Racing Game!

cars 3 piston cup game

  It should come as no surprise that our kids have declared that Cars 3 is the best in the Cars franchise. Our kids have always been fans, but Cars…

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The Best Eliza Hamilton Dress

hamilton schuyler sisters costume

We looked for days to find the perfect Eliza Hamilton dress.  We considered making our own Elizabeth Schuyler dress, but I found this amazing dress that worked perfectly first! A…

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Kia Sorento 2017 review

2017 Kia Sorento

On our last road trip we had the opportunity to drive a 2017 Kia Sorento. A family of five needs a lot of room when they take a week long…

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That one time we chatted with Josh Temple about our home renovation!

we met josh temple

Last week Harry and I attended our first Dad 2.0 Summit.  Dad 2 is a great conferences specifically for dad bloggers…. they let a couple moms slip in too! We…

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