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Putting our Best Foot Forward for Back to School!

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Back to School does not need to be stressful!  We are excited to start a fresh new year with some of our same friends, hopefully some new friends, a new classroom, and of course brand new teachers.  Our big kids are getting this thing down, and used the the drill.  Little Miss C dipped her toe in the preschool pool last year and was not much of a fan, but she cannot wait for Preschool this year – so we are crossing our fingers.

Last year I wrote how to “Back to School” like a boss. Make sure to check it out for some easy tips on making getting back into the swing of things easier (and less expensive!)  This year I wanted to share about how we do our best to put our best foot forward.

1) Make a card for your teacher!  We always make a card for our teacher to go along with the items we purchase off the teacher’s wish list.  I feel like the kids really get excited when they make a card and let their teach know they are excited and planning to do their best.  I believe the teacher loves the gesture too.  Win, win!


2) Pick out an outfit and shoes that let your personality shine and is fun to play in!  Our kids honestly wear a lot of hand me downs and clothes I find at garage sales.  They are always well dressed in clothing that I do my best to tailor toward their personal style, but often they don’t get to pick out their own clothes.


This is mainly for budget – even when things aren’t tight I just don’t see the point in buying things new most of the time.  Our two exceptions are “Something to Wear” on their Christmas list, and one new outfit that they choose from a reasonably priced store for first day of school.  This year our kid’s footsies are arriving in style thanks to our friends at Pediped- did you know Pediped makes shoes not just for babies but also kids, tweens, and women?  Their styles are awesome!


3) Introduce yourself to the ‘new kid’.  Our kids have been going to the same school since they began.  It is a small school and everyone seems to know everyone; except the new kids.  In kindergarten everyone is buddies but a couple years in groups seem to be established and harder to join as a newbie.  I remember being the new kid once in fourth grade.  I was painfully shy; I still remember Mandi inviting me to sit next to her at lunch.  Mandi had lots of friends already and I hadn’t said more than three words the whole morning; I didn’t really give her any reason to ask.  Mandi knew I was a new kid and my guess is her mom told her to be nice to the new kid.

I don’t want to overwhelm my kids, but I think these are just a couple easy ways we can put our best foot forward!


This is not a sponsored post but we must say “Thank you” to Pediped for letting our kids each pick out a pair of shoes for back to school.  Check out how Pediped is offering to donate 10% of your sale to the school of your choice!  Thank you Pediped for giving back to schools!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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    I have ordered from here before, terrific shoes and great quality.

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