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Better for you Root Beer Float

Disclosure: Honest Fizz provided our family with samples of their products for editorial consideration. No monetary compensation was provided. Opinions are my own.


I am always looking to make traditional recipes a little bit better for our family.  We like to eat healthy and clean as much as possible, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want a Root Beer Float every now and then.  We are huge fans of the Honest Tea brands of Tea, Ade, kids juices – we love that they are organic and have no chemicals.  We have all but given up soda (our kids never have soda, but old habits are hard to break completely for Harry and I!), we don’t have soda in the house, but we might be making an exception for Honest Fizz!  Honest Fizz is made by Honest Tea brand and is sweetened with Stevia.  We have been lucky enough to try lots of different flavors, but root beer is our favorite!

We had some left over ice cream from our daughter’s birthday party and we decided to surprise the kids with root beer floats.  Their great grandma gave them root beer floats (with conventional root beer, high fructose corn syrup and all….. but she is like 87 and who am I to tell great grandma she can’t give her great grandkids a treat?) .  Well, that one soda was all it took, every chance they get they ask if they can have one.  We told them they can have one when great grandma gives them one, and when they are on a plane, that’s it.  They are constantly scheming for ways to get on a plane (they’ve been on a plane twice in their whole lives and they sure enjoyed that Sprite!) and to hang out with GG more often (we should actually do that more often than we do).

They were ridiculously excited to enjoy a root beer float, and I was perfectly happy for them to enjoy a sweet treat.  Honest Fizz is a no calorie soda, but it is sweetened with Stevia (not chemicals), so I don’t mind it as an occasional treat.  We don’t want to deprive our kids (or ourselves), but we want to be as healthy as possible, I feel like Honest Fizz is a really fun way to enjoy a treat but we are avoiding sugar and chemical sweeteners.

What are your favorite ‘better for you’ swaps?  I seriously want to know, we need all the help we can get!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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