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Samantha American Girl Doll Printable Coloring Sheet

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Samantha is a classic American Girl Doll.  Beautiful Samantha is one of the original American Girl dolls that we remember from the 1980s. Samantha continues to be a favorite doll with little girls everywhere.  This unique American Girl Doll inspired printable is based on lovely Samantha.  Samantha is an orphaned girl at the turn of the century who encourages through her adversity. Our daughter loves her dark brown hair and brown eyes and especially loves her outfits.  Just like all American Girl Dolls, she is a unique beauty.  We are thrilled to add a unique printable coloring sheet featuring Samantha and her Puppy Jip o our growing collection of American Girl Doll inspired coloring sheets.  Enjoy a free high resolution coloring sheet  featuring Samantha that you can easily print from home.

Samantha American Girl Doll Printable Coloring Page

Samantha american girl doll printable coloring sheet

Simply click and print the picture above.  You may print from your home computer. Use at home, daycare, or school.  If you are having an American Girl doll themed birthday party, please feel free to print out our whole collection of free printable activity sheets inspired by American Girl for free!


When we went to the American Girl Doll Store in Los Angeles for our daughter’s birthday, Samantha was the doll she wanted to bring home! Samantha Parkington is kind, generous, and always ready to make a new friend. She has sparkling brown eyes that open and close and long, glossy brown curls.

Coloring sheets are great learning tools, but they are also just plain fun. Girls and boys everywhere will love coloring but will also develop their fine motor skills in the process.  Adults who love American Girl can also print out this coloring sheet and enjoy reduced stress levels. Some of my earliest memories are me sitting at my kitchen counter with a coloring book and a 64 crayon box of Crayolas, the one with the crayon sharpener in the back!  Printable Samantha American Girl Doll coloring sheets can be used as a fun and free activity at an American Girl themed birthday tea party.  These coloring sheets can be printed out and brought along for the ride on a trip to The American Girl Doll store.  Kids can print this out from home and color in Samantha’s classic plaid dress or redesign her dress all together. If you are hosting an American Girl Doll themed party, we also have a Joss Kendrick coloring page, as well as astronaut themed coloring sheets inspired by Luciana Vega.  We will be adding more American Girl Doll inspired coloring sheets and activity sheets as well so make sure to bookmark our printable page.

If you are a blogger or writer looking for printable coloring sheets for your blog, magazine, or book, please check out my website Kate Ham Art and follow my growing Instagram account @KateHamArt . Do not hesitate to reach out if you would like me to create printables or book illustrations for your next project. If you or your child colors one of our printables, please share it on social media and tag our page.  I will always share printables in our instagram stories and I would love to feature you!

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