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10 second Pesto! Vitamix recipe

As you can tell by looking at my RECIPES page, I have been using my Vitamix quite a bit lately.   I seriously love it.   We use it at least once a day for smoothies, but also for soups, sauces, and more!

Pesto Recipe

Just the other night I made homemade pesto again!   We have made it several times in our Vitamix, it is so easy that I almost feel silly blogging about it.   But because it is so easy I really have to blog about it right? I am no Martha Stewart by any means, if a recipe isn’t easy, I am probably not going to make it again – even if it saves money.   This pesto recipe is the recipe of my dreams.   It seriously takes like 10 seconds, it is delicious, it makes me look kinda fancy, AND it saves money!

Here is all you need!

  • About two cups of fresh basil (I don’t measure, I just rip a bunch off, wash it, and put it in the blender)
  • One clove of garlic (seriously, I highly suggest NOT putting in more – it gets REALLY overpowering)
  • 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • Tablespoon (or so – again, I don’t really measure) pine nuts

*All of these are negotiable – if you want more or less of anything it is a really flexible recipe.   I plan on trying to add a random other veggie in there one of these days – maybe spinach?   Not sure – my point is – it is flexible – and that is why I love it!*

OK – and here is where it gets super easy.

Step one – put all the above ingredients into the Vitamix

Step two – turn it on low to high for about 10 seconds (maybe not even that long)

Easy Pesto Recipe

Step three – pour over pasta, chicken, or whatever else you think is yummy for pesto!

We put it over 365 brand frozen organic Tortellini and grilled chicken.

Quote from my son as I placed his plate in front of him *matter of fact voice while surveying his plate* “I’m pretty sure I can eat this whole thing without even complaining one time.”   #winning

My guess is you can make this recipe with any type of strong blender of food processor.   I made pesto once in my old food processor – it was not quite as smooth, it took longer to make, and everyone knows cleaning a food processor is a pain.   I felt this was faster and a better quality pesto and I think that has a lot to do with the Vitamix!

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*Recipe is shared from the Vitamix Whole Food Recipe Book*

* I work for Whole Foods Market Encinitas sharing their sweet deals so I tend to get most of my ingredients there.*

* I received a Vitamix blender a few months ago for review purposes.   I am not obligated to continue sharing Vitamix recipes anymore but I honestly believe in the product.   I am a Vitamix affiliate, if you choose to buy one through our link I do get a commission.   All opinions are totally my own!*

Until Next Time ~ Kate

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