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Your San Diego Zoo Membership is NOT Tax Deductible!

People ask us all the time if they can write off their memberships to the San Diego Zoo on their taxes. I am not a tax advisor so I am not quite sure why people ask me. While we love visiting the San Diego Zoo and it is a great place to spend your money, it is just that. It is not a tax deduction.  Your purchase of a membership is NOT considered a charitable donation. If you do not believe me, please speak with a licensed tax advisor.

Can I deduct my San Diego Zoo Membership on my Taxes?

Below is a direct quote from the San Diego Zoo.  The short answer is NO, and the long answer is talk to your tax advisor.

“Single, Dual, Diamond Club, Keeper’s Club, Senior Pass, Student Pass and Koala Club memberships are not tax deductible per IRS guidelines since the value of the goods and services you receive equals or exceeds the amount of your membership payment. For tax deduction information on Curator’s Club, Director’s Club, President’s Club or Circle-level memberships, call our Donation Processor at 619-231-1515, ext. 4460, 9 a.m.to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.  We strongly encourage our members to work closely with their tax advisor to determine their eligibility for a tax deduction.”


tax deductible San Diego ZooSorry folks!

~ Kate

Until Next Time ~ Kate
  1. Dorothy C Hughes says:

    How much of a Curator’s club membership is tax deductible? Thank you

    • kate says:

      hey there – memberships are only deductible if they are used for business – ie – we deducted because we are artists that use the zoo for reference – but as far as I understand a membership is NOT deductible just for enjoyment. If you donate a larger amount above what is a membership I would advise you to consult your accountant. Sorry I am not more help!

  2. Bob Hicks says:

    Wildlife Champion membership is $400. Fair-Market value is $254 leaving the purchaser with a tax deduction of $146 (accurate as of 12/23/2021)

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