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Santa Footprints

Posted on: by Kate

santa's footprints

Did you notice Santa footprints by your fireplace last year?  If you didn’t, maybe you should check this year!  We could not believe our luck when we saw Santa footprints this year!

Last year Santa left a little evidence of his visit!  Footprints!  Santa fills stockings and leaves presents right by the fireplace.  This past year he didn’t do a very good job of cleaning off his boots and he left me a bit of a mess!  This was authentically made by Santa, and that is the truth.  BUT, I suppose if you wanted to recreate this idea for your kiddies you could set out a pair of boots and sprinkle baking soda around them.  Remove the boots and voila!  Magic! I of course am not suggesting what you would be making would be Santa footprints…. that would be cheating – but in our case, we could see where Santa’s boots had been!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Ann says:

    This is so cute and creative.

  2. Lorry Curtis says:

    This is awesome. We’ve done it with our boys and it’s so much fun to watch their faces light up on Christmas morning.

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