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Please Send Luke a “Happy New Year” Card

Posted on: by Kate


I want to quickly introduce you to my friend’s little boy.  This is Luke, he is nine years old.  If you follow along here you might have seen pics of my big kids, Luke, and his big sister enjoying family blogger events.  We know each other from church (Luke’s mom teaches our littlest in Sunday School sometimes).   Fun fact – Luke’s dad and I went to the same high school and had some classes together – so I mean – we all go way back.

Luke is full of more life and energy than most.  He is bouncy, energetic, and has a laugh like no other.  I’ve never really seen this kid sit still – which is why it is even more upsetting to me that he has been spending the last couple weeks in the hospital.  In November Luke was totally fine, just a regular healthy kid, until he got a nosebleed.  Long story (or short really I guess), he had several nosebleeds in a couple days and his parents took him to the doctor.  After tests, biopsies, and all kinds of not fun things they determined the tumor  causing his nosebleeds was malignant.  The tumor was caught fairly early but it is apparently a tricky one, people over at Harvard are checking out because it is so weird.  He’s nine you guys.

Anyway, he’s spending Christmas in the hospital this year, and very likely a good part of 2015.  I hate to be a downer at this time, but I know people here love to help others and I have REALLY easy thing you can do to help Luke get through this journey.

Luke received some ‘get well soon’ cards from friends at school and that really made his day!  I thought maybe we could take that idea and make it a little bigger.


It’s too late to send a Christmas card, but would you (and maybe your kids?) be willing to send Luke a “Happy New Year” card?  Our prayer is that our friend Luke has a miraculous 2015, but we know it is going to be really hard.  I wish we had the ability to just flip a switch and make cancer all gone, but we don’t.  This is the little thing I could come up with.  Luke loves getting mail and a big basket of cards from friends and strangers wishing him well will certainly make him smile.

Please send cards to

Luke Sybert c/o Michelle Sybert
North Coast Church
2405 North Santa Fe Ave
Vista CA 92084

*PS – if this thing gets all crazy and North Coast Church peeps are all “Who is this lady blogging out our address as the place to send cards to?” I just want to state for the record that Michelle said it was the best place to send to and that you wouldn’t be mad, so you gotta take it up with her. 😉 Also, I am more than happy to change the address to somewhere else if necessary!*

PLEASE NOTE ONE REQUESTLuke is being told about his health in stages. Please do not use the word “Cancer” in any cards. Focus on “get well soon!” and “I hope 2015 is is awesome for you!” etc. While doctors are helping him physically, family life specialists at his Children’s Hospital are helping him socially and emotionally understand and cope – learning about his diagnosis in stages is what they have all decided will be easiest for him to process. Please honor that in any cards and letters. Thank you!*

(Yes, I do see the irony of asking you to send a stranger a card after all that “I’m not sending you a Christmas Card” post hullabaloo….. but I’m still asking and I REALLY hope you will!)

I also helped Luke’s mom set up a “Go Fund Me” account.  Luke’s medical is covered but mom is self employed and dad has already exhausted his paid leave.  I don’t think they mind me saying this is not a wealthy family and even the added expense of traveling back and forth to the hospital is challenging.  I am not sure there is anything worse than watching your kid battle cancer, and I can’t make that go away for my friends – but I am hoping we can ease the financial burden associated with all of this. is not tax deductible – it’s just a give out of your heart kinda thing.  It is safe and secure to donate online.  If you would prefer to send a check, please send it to the address above for cards – please make it out to Michelle Sybert (his mom).  Again, not tax deductible but I am hoping a couple readers here might want to help them during this season.  Here is Luke’s Go Fund Me page – PLEASE at least read it, consider donating, share if you can.

Lastly his mommy Michelle has asked that friends, family, strangers, and anyone in between to boldly pray for miracles for her little man.  If prayer is your thing I sure hope you will add him to your list.  If prayer is not your thing, it would be uplifting to know that you would consider giving it a shot for our friend Luke.  I think Luke is a miracle in the making and we can all be a part of that!

I am hoping many of you can send a card full of encouraging words and if you think your friends and family might want to I hope you will share this with them – we have buttons below that make it easy peasy to share on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and more!

Let’s Help Luke Kick Cancer to the Curb!

Luke does not have any social media accounts but his Mommy does – if you are sending a card and want to take a picture to share use the hashtag #BeBraveLuke and #LukeTheBrave so they can maybe see a sneak peek but also to encourage others to learn his story, pray for his family, and maybe send a card too! Make sure to follow Luke’s facebook page for updates and to leave well wishes and prayers! Luke’s page is LUKE THE BRAVE !

* Only because people have asked – Luke has no allergies but please no homemade goodies through the mail.  People have asked what he is into – He is obsessed with Minecraft.


Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  2. Lisa says:

    Hey Kate! Do you think we could send some cookies too?

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      Lisa that is so sweet – I think that would be fine =)

      • Lisa says:

        Dies he have any allergies/intolerances we need to be aware of for the cookies?

        • Kate Hamernik says:

          hi Lisa ~ Not that I know of and I know them fairly well so I think I would know if there was something – but I’ve seen him eat gluten & nuts in the past =) – you are so nice! Maybe just put the ingredients list in the box just in case?

  3. Lizz Caviness says:

    Thank you for using your extensive internet resources to share Luke’s story and to organize the card drive and GoFundMe. You are such a selfless and amazing woman!

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      Oh Lizz – I am none of those things but I sure appreciate your kind words! It was the least I could do – it took a couple hours and I hope it will be a blessing to them =) Please keep spreading the word!

  4. Kirsten garcia says:

    Merry christmas and happy new year Luke, my thoughts and prayers are with you. You are strong and jesus is on your side, stay positive my sweet little man. God bless

  5. Prisila says:

    Hi Kate,

    Is there a closing date for this card drive? I live all the way in Malaysia but would love to send Luke a get well soon card. It might take a while for the card to reach could be up to a month. Would that be fine? =)

  6. Katy says:

    Wow! This just brought me back to my own son being diagnosed with cancer and the wonderful help of people near and far. This is a wonderful way to support the family and I really thank you for promoting it in such a respectful and sincere way….

    We will be putting together something for Luke and wish him well. This is a long road, and it is not an easy one, but kids are amazing and they can kick cancer so hard it runs away! My son is a five year survivor…he is 10.
    I will check back in to see how Luke is doing.

    Katy xx

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      thank you so much for sending him something and also thank you for your encouragement! We are hoping and praying Luke has the same success and that both can be old old men someday!

  7. Theresa says:

    Valentine’s Day is the next holiday may we send cards for that as well!

  8. Christie says:

    What an awesome idea to send cheer to Luke. Sending a card today! 🙂

  9. Bianca says:

    He’s such a cutie! Whats the update on him? How’s he doing?

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      Hi Bianca – he is doing ok – fighting hard but still has a rough road ahead – his mom set up a facebook page for him “Luke The Brave” – you can get updates there =)

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