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Silly Symphony Celebration Concert

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Disclosure: I attended D23 Expo as a guest of the Walt Disney Studios. My trip was all expenses paid and posts were expected but opinions are always my own.


One of the things I love about the D23 Expo is how creative and unique some of the experiences are.  The last day our group had front row seats for the Silly Symphony Celebration Concert.  I am not ashamed in the least to let you know I misted up a bit.  Not full on bawling mind you, but sentimental mist like the whole time.  I remember watching the Silly Symphony on the Disney Channel as a child without really knowing much about them.  I loved the animation, silliness, and the music.  Watching the Silly Symphony with a live orchestra and a deeper appreciation for animation and what Walt Disney Studios is just made me appreciate it even more.

The Silly Symphony was an experiment for Walt Disney Animation Studios.  The Silly Symphony was used to test out techniques before they were put into feature films.  I did not know this as a child but I learned about it when I was studying animation.  Revisiting that information this day and then seeing the shorts on a big screen (I don’t believe I have ever seen them on a big screen) with live music made me understand how revolutionary and intricate the process was even more than before.

The Silly Symphony Celebration Concert showcased a few of the most beloved shorts in the Silly Symphony collection to live music by a live 32 piece orchestra, and it was flawless.  We watched antics that were put to pre-recorded music now replayed with a live orchestra.  Watching it shared in reverse (music played to the pre-made animation) helped me appreciate both art forms even more.

Classic hand drawn animation and skilled classically trained musicians quite literally made my heart sing.  It was an honor to be in attendance.  Our family is a huge fan of Walt Disney Shorts as well as classical music, we plan on preording the Silly Symphony Collection for our own family to enjoy for years to come!


The Silly Symphony Collection

You can pre-order the complete Silly Symphony set – fully restored here!  Everyonewho preorders the collection will receive a collectible limited edition 10″ single featuring the complete soundtracks to The Skelton Dance and Three Little Pigs.



Until Next Time ~ Kate
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