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Slow Cooker Apple Butter Recipe

Organic Apple Butter RecipeOur family is a part of a small private community garden and it has been so much fun to cook with ingredients that are so local we picked them ourselves!  We love having organic produce and the kids really enjoy cooking and eating the bounty!  We shared how we made Slow Cooker Applesauce over on San Diego Deals and Steals – it was such a hit that I thought I should share our Slow Cooker Apple Butter Recipe.

If you love Apple Butter but have never made it at home you have got to try this – it is SO easy!  Just Apples, sugar, and time!  Follow these simple instructions and you can thank me later!

Wash and chop apples – place into the slow cooker – as many as you can fit, they will cook down.

apple butter in the slow cooker

Add sugar – we use 3 cups of white sugar and one cup of brown sugar.  Trust me – get the brown sugar, you might be tempted to just do the white sugar – once we didn’t have any brown sugar so I didn’t put any in.  It was still yummy, but the brown sugar makes it extra delicious!

apples sugar crock pot

Cover and cook on high for four hours.  *This will depend on your slow cooker – some may take more or less time.  I have a smaller off brand slow cooker that seems to work a bit slower than the bigger one I had before.  I would suggest checking at about 3 hours and gauge from there.

cooked apples crock pot

Once all the apples are soft put the apples and the juices in a blender.  I use a Vitamix, I would imagine once they are completely cooked it is probably ok to use any blender to puree it.

Apple Butter Vitamix Recipe

And the finished product………….. oh how you wish you could smell my kitchen right now……

Crock Pot Apple Butter

Our kids LOVE this on toast or on top of pancakes instead of syrup.  We put one container in the fridge (it lasts about a week) – we freeze the rest and it defrosts just fine in the fridge overnight.

Slow Cooker Apple Butter

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  2. MzLizz says:

    How big is your slow cooker? I only ask because if you have a 3qt and I have an 6qt (or vice versa) it will change the sugar quantity. Thanks!

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