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Gifts that Give Back – Fair Trade, Made in the USA, Environmentally & Socially Conscious Gift Guide

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Are you looking for a couple gifts that give back and are socially conscious?  I have compiled a socially aware gift guide with just a couple options!  I hope that you will leave some of your favorite gift ideas that fit this model in the comment section!  Below are just a couple gifts that give back, are fair trade, made in the USA, environmentally conscious, and basically just give to more than just the person who receives it!  Christmas and any holiday you hold dear is a time where can easily get caught up in gift giving for the sake of gift giving – but how awesome would it be if all; or at least some of our gifts went a little further?  What if your purchase can donate books and shoes to another child in need?  What if you can purchase stocking stuffer lotions for your favorite little girl that do not harm animals?  How about a doll that promotes having strong character and donates to orphan causes around the world at the same time?  I bet you have someone on your list that could use some pretty, trendy jewelry – what if there is something out there that promotes family preservation and adoption advocacy at the same time?  Guess what?! There totally is.


Give a Book Get a Book

I first heard about Give a Book Get a Book at Disney Social Media Moms and I fell in love.  Purchase a Disney book with the Give a Book Get a Book label on it and your book will come with a special code.  Enter that code into their website and you get to choose what book you would like to donate and what region in the US you would like to donate it to.  So you buy a book for a child on your holiday list and a child you never met who may otherwise not have a book of their own gets a FREE book!  I love it!


Heart 4 Heart Dolls

Our oldest daughter is all into those dolls with books, but they can sure be pricey!  Heart 4 Heart Dolls are available at Target for right around $20.  Heart 4 Heart Dolls represent a diverse group of girls and promotes strong character.  What I really love is a portion of your Heart 4 Hearts doll purchase goes towards non profit organizations like World Vision.

noonday-fair-tradeNoonday Collection

Several of my friends sell Noonday Collection, today I have included my friend Karen’s link – it is a direct sales business – but it is unique in so many ways that are so my flavor!  Noonday is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, it creates dignified and well paying jobs for men and women all over the world (which promotes family preservation), it helps orphans that are waiting for families, it helps adoptive families fundraise for legal and travel fees  – oh, and it is gorgeous!


World Vision Coffee

Not just coffee, but several items are available through World Vision that are fair wage products and your purchase goes towards helping families all over the world thrive!  Make someone’s year better with your Christmas gift!

Toms-zulily*image source – TOMS*

TOMS Shoes

Seriously – who doesn’t love TOMS shoes?  TOMS model is simple;  one for one.  You buy a pair of shoes and someone who needs a pair of shoes around the world gets a pair.  Their styles vary from basic canvas shoes to cute espadrilles.  Shoes for men, women, and kids in a bunch of different styles, colors, and patterns.

sparkle hearts


We received Sparklehearts in the mail after meeting the creator at the Natural Products Expo.  My girls loved the froo froo colors and light sweet scents.  I loved that the products were ethically made in the US and did not contain any yucky chemicals.  Small sizes are available for stocking stuffers and gift sets are available.


Not sponsored at all – these are companies we have grown to love over the past year and I wanted to shout them out.  Links are not affiliate links but probably should be.  If you have a company that you believe fits the mold here please shout it out in the comment section!  The green, social conscious, fair trade, etc gifts I mentioned above are just a starting point!  Please add yours!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Hazel M. says:

    Love the Give a Book Get a Book program. Will have to look into it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this guide! Sharing it immediately.

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