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Sparklehearts Natural

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Disclosure: Sparklehearts was kind enough to send us their entire line of products to try out and consider sharing. No post was required and no further compensation was provided. Highlights Along the Way is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

sparkle hearts

If you are trying to buy more natural health and beauty products and you are the parent of a girlie girl you feel my pain here.  My girl wants all that fancy smelly pretty girly lotions and body washes, and I kinda want her to use only thing with natural ingredients.  The problem is that the fancy stuff is all fragrant and placed in pink flowery bottles and the natural stuff is trying to make a statement about how natural they are by putting their lotion and body wash in a container the color of hemp that prominently announces it is in fact made from a combination of bamboo and hemp.  So congrats on being super natural, but you know what?  My kid doesn’t care about your renewable resources because she is eight. She wants pretty stuff and if the environment goes to pot for it she really doesn’t care.  Don’t judge her too harshly, she is eight.

We struck a balance – I bought her the natural boring stuff, but Santa always put something ‘fancy’ in her stocking – so she had a little bit of fanciness but not every day.  My compromise was a little bit of chemicals won’t hurt and I would recycle the packaging; but I couldn’t handle fancy smelly synthetic stuff being her every day product.  It’s a special treat like nail polish and lip gloss.

So you can imagine I was super excited to run into Sparklehearts when at the Natural Products Expo .  Sparklehearts is the perfect balance – everything she wants without any of the stuff that makes me uncomfortable.

What she likes

  • cute packaging – pink hearts and rainbows and all that silliness
  • smells fancy – light scents of fruits and flowers

What I like

  • petroleum free
  • paraben free
  • phthalate free
  • certified organic ingredients (not all ingredients are organic but many are!)
  • packaging encourages you to recycle and it is 100% recycled materials
  • Made in the USA!

What we both like

  • They are nice to animals – cruelty free & vegan (our family is not vegan, but we like animals to be happy and not tested on and not made into lotion)

I have yet to see Sparklehearts products in stores (if you know where they are sold can you shout it out in the comment section?) – but you can buy a variety of Sparklehearts on Amazon!

Thank you again to Sparklehearts for sending us your products to try out for ourselves.  We do not write about every product we receive – only those that really wow us and that we think our audience will want to hear about.  We truly love Sparklehearts beauty products and our girls love it too!  You can follow Sparklehearts on Facebook for all kinds of fun updates!


Until Next Time ~ Kate
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