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Start an Adoption Fund At Your Church

Posted on: by Kate


Today we have a guest post from Lifesong for Orphans.

Lifesong for Orphans offers many adoption resources and today they are going to help with tips on how to start an adoption fund at your church.  I know when we first adopted the people we talked to at church about an adoption ministry and specifically something within the church to help support adoptive families (spiritually and financially) was not something they were ready for.  Several years later I do see our home church supporting adoption in many different ways and I think many churches are starting to “see the light” when it comes to orphan care as well; I think they are starting to realize this is not just families that want to grow a family, but a ministry opportunity in the orphan crisis.  Below is Lifesong in their own words as well as a direct link to their Church Adoption Fund Page.  I know so many families would love to adopt but are terrified of the cost; I’ve said it before and I will say it again, there are so many resources to help you and it really isn’t about money…. I promise it can be done!  I am thankful to Lifesong for Orphans for providing this resource for our readers!

lifesong adoption fund

“When we heard Justice needed an adoptive family, we felt the Lord calling us to be his family, but we were in a very difficult place financially.” –Ty & Amanda, adoptive family


Many families, like Ty and Amanda, feel God’s call towards adoption but the weight of the financial burden often feels too heavy or impossible to carry alone. The good news is: they don’t have to!


Our hope at Lifesong for Orphans is to partner with churches as they seek to come alongside families, helping bridge the financial gap through adoption funding. Over 330 churches have joined us in establishing an Adoption Fund (one being Legacy685, who helped Ty and Amanda fund the adoption of their son Justice!).


So, you may ask, what exactly IS an Adoption Fund? Simply put, an Adoption Fund is birthed out of a church’s decision to play an active role in the lives of those who have a desire to adopt – specifically through adoption funding and post-adoptive support.


It’s a way for the church to “live out loud”, by helping orphans find homes, assisting families to make it possible and fostering a church culture active in orphan care and adoption.


When bringing up the idea of an Adoption Fund, your church may hesitate because…


1.      Everyone on staff at your church is too busy.
Solution: Lifesong staff manages and facilitates the Fund and carries the administrative load for the church…FOR FREE!
2.      Your church feels awkward or uncomfortable approving/denying families for funding.
Solution: As the manager of the fund, Lifesong staff screens, reviews, approves/denies applicants as a third-party partner on the church’s behalf (all based on mutually agreed upon criteria).
3.      Adoption Funds are an unfamiliar territory.
Solution: Lifesong has years of passion and experience in adoption funding, using our existing grant/loan procedures to help churches avoid “reinventing the wheel”.


“I am deeply grateful for God’s grace in Lifesong…I wholeheartedly recommend Lifesong to churches who want to express the love of the Father to the fatherless here and around the world.”

Senior Pastor, The Church at Brook Hills | Author, Radical


Where is your church on its journey to support adoption?  We’d love to be able to support and serve your church, helping to bring more children into forever families. Check out our Church Adoption Fund page for more information or to start your fund today!

Thank you so much to Lifesong for Orphans for sharing about this adoption fundraising opportunity!  Oh how I wish every church had a small (or huge!) fund set aside to help with adoption expenses for their parishioners!  Think of the impact that could be made? We shared some Adoption Fundraising Ideas here!  If you are wondering why we are posting about adoption you can also check out our International Adoption Story here!  If you would like to share your adoption story to encourage others or an adoption resource I hope you will contact me!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Renee S says:

    We LOVE Lifesong, what they stand for and ALL that they are doing! Thanks for highlighting their ministry and work this week, Kate. 😉

  2. T F says:

    I had no idea that Lifesong offered this service! And for FREE to churches! What a blessing- to both adoptive families AND the congregations where they are active!

  3. Loree says:

    The cost of international/private adoption can be so overwhelming. Actually, almost every person I have talked to that has expressed a desire/calling to adopt expresses fear about the cost of adoption. This is a great resource!

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      Thanks Loree – I am so glad Lifesong was willing to share – there are so many resources out there but when people first start thinking of adoption they can’t wrap their heads around the cost, I so wish more churches helped in all areas of adoption – foster, and international specifically – and even in domestic private adoption – it could be such a ministry to birth moms – share with your church too 😉

  4. Michelle Dettman says:

    What a great resource! Thank you for sharing and getting the word out. Not everybody is called to adopt, but so many want to do something to help others do so. Together, we can do more. Thank you, Lifesong and thanks again, Kate. You certainly walk the walk in helping others. I’d like to share this on The Adoption Answer Show, too! <3

  5. ellen beck says:

    I wish they had this years ago. We never had children, and IVF was out of reach (and in its infancy with low promises) and adoption was outrageous. This would have been ideal. Now we are a bit old :/ I love the idea of it.

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