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Summer Bucket List FREE Printable!

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summer bucket list

Summer is here for just about everyone!  Our kids have been home with free time for about a week and we have already had a couple moments of “I don’t know what to do!” (which is code in our house for “I’m bored” because “I’m bored.” is not allowed).  We realized really quick that we needed a Summer Bucket list and we needed it stat!  While our kids easily could have simply written their Summer bucket list on a piece of notebook paper, isn’t a printable more fun?  I’ve noticed how much our readers enjoy free printables and I hope you all enjoy (and share!) this Summer Bucket List FREE printable too!

I had to give my kids some guidelines to keep it from turning into a Lottery Bucket List, because it turned into that really quick.

My kids are all like “I’m gonna put Hawaii on mine!” “Oh!  How about an African Safari!?  That is going at the top of my list!” “Oh, that is a good idea, I have always wanted to see giraffes in their natural environment!” “Where else?”



I’m like “Guys, I am thinking like ‘go to the beach’ and ‘Stay in our pajamas all day long’ and ‘Go to the children’s museum.’, that kinda stuff.”

That took a bit of the wind out of their sails, but I think it is important to keep kids on a realistic track.  I think it is also important to have kids put things on their list that they can do at home and completely on their own.  Our kids worked together as a group to come up with things we could all do together as a family, things they could do as a sibling group, and things they could do on their own. Here are a few of their suggestions.

  • Build a blanket fort
  • Talk to friends on the phone
  • Play Minecraft
  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Make dinner with food from our garden
  • Make a necklace
  • Learn how to draw better
  • Go to the Fair
  • Go to a dollar movie theater
  • Volunteer to help someone else
  • Go to the Beach
  • Go to bed really late one night
  • Go to VBS
  • Take swimming lessons
  • Have ice cream for dinner

Lists are going to be different for every kid at every age, but I think it is a really fun activity! I was surprised to see some of the things my kids wrote down.  It made for interesting conversations for the three of them as they filled it out, and I kinda felt like I learned a little about my kid’s in the process.  It’s gonna be a long summer friends – let’s make it one to remember!  Below you can simply click and print the Summer Bucket list printable – it is totally free and you don’t have to sign up for anything – just enjoy!




summer bucket list printable

Happy Summer friends!  Pin it here —>

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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