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My Summer Garage Sale List

Posted on: by Kate
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So last year I shared my Garage Sale List and as you can see from my update we got quite a few of the items on our list!  Not only was I able to find so many of the items I wanted on the list, I was able to find many of them for less than the price I wanted to pay – score!

Well in San Diego it is kinda garage sale season all year round, but Spring and Summer is when people tend to have the best garage sales. I personally love that I can check Craigslist and find several community garage sales in one weekend.  I don’t often just go from one random garage sale to another, I like to go to a community sale where there are lots of folks selling within walking distance.  I go to one community, park my car and do a bunch of budget friendly shopping!

Since Spring is officially here, I thought it might be time to update our list!  It’s nearly a year after I last posted a garage sale wish list, so many projects have happened in our little fixer upper house and now we are on to more!

So here is the list of things I really hope we can find while out at garage sales or thrifting and the top price I am willing to pay…..

  • Small cabinet to use as a DIY bathroom vanity in our small 1/2 bath we are putting in this Summer. $40 – CHECK!  using the little vanity already in our front bathroom – repurposing for $0!
  • Dresser / cabinet to use in the kid’s bathroom to make into a double vanity (here is the DIY double vanity we bought at Salvation Army for just over $100!) – $150 (But I am hoping for less!) – CHECK!  using a little small kitchen buffet we already have – $0 dollars!
  • Long mirror for kid’s bathroom – $20 – CHECK!
  • Bathroom hardware (towel rod, toilet paper thingy, etc) – cheap (got a towel bar & light fixture for $5 total – still need toilet paper holder!) – broke down and bought it at a Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Console Table/ cabinet thingy for front room by our dining room table (ideally something mid century) – $60
  • Baskets & decor for our front console table – couple bucks each
  • Mirror for above said console table – $20 – CHECK – $5!
  • Patio Set – $50
  • Low Boy dresser that matches the High Boy dresser we already committed to…. so wish us luck with that – $100 – got one for $250 and one for FREE and sold the one that we bought previously for $75 – so boom!
  • kid’s clothing in next size up – 50 cents each
  • American Girl Doll, LEGO, Disney princess anything – cheap
  • Clothing pieces for top secret Mickey’s Halloween Party Costumes – at the mercy of those who have perfect items if we are lucky enough to find them. CHECK – all pieces were thrifted or from garage sales – no costume was more than $10 each – some were only a couple dollars!  Posts to come!
  • Furniture for the Sun Room – must be perfect and CHEAP because that room can stay unfurnished forever IMO.
  • Art / Decor for above our master bedroom headboard – I have NO idea what I want, but I will know what it is when I see it; and when I do I will know what I am willing to pay – but if it is more than $20 it better be really kick butt. CHECK – got a rad Starburst Mirror from Z gallery for only $20!
  • Boys 20 inch bike in good shape – $20 – CHECK – actual cost $10!
  • Perfect condition Rug – I am about ready to buy one new, but I am going to wait one more garage sale season – I bought one last year at a great price – hoping to run into something else just as lucky!
  • Lamps – I thought I was done with this – but I wasn’t – we got two amazing lamps last year, but we need two more – one floor lamp and one table lamp – last year we got one of each for $4 and $3!  I am hoping to spend no more than $10 on each of the new ones.

People sometimes think we are crazy with all of our “Garage Sailing” but it has given us the ability to make some adorable kid’s rooms and also decorate the rest of our house without any debt!  There are a few things we will not buy used. We are very careful about electronics and there is hardly anything that is not washable that we would buy at a garage sale.  Here are a couple of the finished projects we have done with garage sale finds…..

Minnie Mouse Toddler Room

Shabby Chic little girls room

Star Wars Boys Room

Our Budget Bathroom Makeover <— it is seriously unrecognizable!

If you have any interest – I love to hashtag #AdventuresinGarageSailing (like sailing a ship) on Instagram when I find something I deem crazy awesome while shopping second hand.  Do you have a Summer Garage Sale List?  I would love for you to link it up in the comment section!  Have you ever found an unbelievable deal on something at a garage or yard sale? Brag about it here in the comment section…..


Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. SHANNON R says:

    My hubby is a hoarder and I have so much that I need to get rid of. I have to have a garage sale soon, cause there is no walking space left in my garage. Thanks for the ideas.

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