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Swapdom : Online Swapping Community Recently added Home Goods!

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As someone who loves to shop and trade I was really excited to be introduced to Swapdom recently.  Swapdom is a one of a kind exchange system where folks meet and exchange goods online!  Swapdom makes it easy to find preowned one of a kind goods and swap them with someone who wants your pre loved items.  Swapdom has offered baby gear, things for the kids, and clothing in the past but they have recently added home goods!

Swapping is easy on Swapdom – users can request items they would like and tell Swapdom what they would like to offer in exchange.  Now here is where Swapdom makes the magic happen – the site organizes a multi person swap!  The fee is only $1 – $2 and the cost of shipping – easy peasy!

Want to know more?  Check out this video….

I was so convinced I signed up myself!  I think Swapdom totally fits our frugal lifestyle and budget!  I love swapping groups and parties but Swapdom just brings it to a much bigger level!  More items available and more happy swappers – I love it! I have listed a few items and have alerted other swappers (and the folks) that I am interested in other items that are listed.  I am anxiously awaiting the perfect multi person swap.

If you are looking to swap some things and mix up your decor a little without spending much you can sign up for Swapdom for FREE too! Check out Swapdom on Facebook and Swapdom on Twitter too.

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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