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Sweetlings are a sweet gift idea for your crafty kid!

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Sweetlings craft

Sweetlings is a new craft by Alex Brands that invites you to “frost your world”.  As a mom to crafty kids who also love to bake, I am always on the lookout for new crafts and baking items.  I was immediately drawn to Sweetlings because they are a unique take on the love of dessert crafting. If you are looking for a fun, do it yourself kit for your child, Sweetlings has so many characters to choose from.

sweetlings toy for kids

(So many cute designs! Click the banner to see!)

Sweetlings are not an actual food item.  I love this!  My kids would make cupcakes or cookies every single day of the week if I would let them. I know that decorating cupcakes and cookies is just as much fun as eating them. I love the fun she had creating and decorating her Sweetling, but we didn’t have that extra sugar begging to be consumed at the end.  Sweetlings let us decorate treats without actually eating the sugar, it turns out my kids don’t really mind! My daughter loved that she had the fun of dessert decorating and then a silly little decor item for her room when she was done.

We were thrilled to bring RAINBOW SPRINKling to life.  Here is a little peek into what is inside a Sweetlings kit.  We wanted to highlight for our readers how easy and fun they are to make.  If you have a crafty kiddo in your life, these kits are really fun!

Sweetlings includes supplies

Each Sweetlings kid provides everything the crafter needs to make a silly dessert themed character. It was such an easy and fun craft kit for any child age six and up. The instructions are easy to read and follow.  All of the supplies are included and easy to open.  My daughter was very excited that we had extra glitter left over at the end of the project. In an effort of full disclosure, I was less excited about the abundance of glitter.  I have noticed over the years that many craft toys run out before my daughter has completed the project, but we had plenty of ‘frosting’ and glitter to play with even after her masterpiece was completed!


sweetlings decorating

The whipped clay ‘icing’ was really fun.  Decorating the plastic doughnut was a fun creative outlet.

Sweetlings doughnut

My oldest is eleven and loved trying out Sweetlings. She played for hours and asked if we can purchase more for later.  She enjoyed the crafting tools and process immensely.  She says she thinks this would be a really fun activity for play dates and birthday parties.  She also said she thinks it would make a great gift for any crafty child for the holidays.  We have added Sweetlings to our ideas list for gifts and entertainment for parties in the future.

unicorn doughnut sweetlingsYou guys, it is a rainbow unicorn doughnut!  She could not stop laughing!

Cake and dessert decorating is a fun food trend with no end in site and Sweetlings is right on track.  The customizable characters, whipped clay, and fun accessories make it a great gift for those addicted to crafting and baking! My daughter now wants the whole collection.  Each cute kit makes a different character that comes with a little background stage for display or play.  Sweetlings are a unique craft and collectable toy all in one!

Sweetlings finished product

Tada! The finished product!

Check for available kits here!

My daughter says Sweetlings kids are a perfect gift for the holidays.

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Caryn Bailey says:

    So cute!! My daughter is crafty so I think she would enjoy Sweetlings. Does it dry and then set?

  2. So super cute!!! Awesome idea for playdates!

  3. Lisa says:

    My daughters would love this! They are always wanting to help me decorate cupcakes for their birthdays. Of course, I don’t let them (lol). But they would totally be into this craft!

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