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Vegan Disney foods

Vegan food options at Disneyland!

Posted on: by Kate

Did you know it is possible to eat vegan in Disneyland? Plant-based diets are growing in popularity and Disney is here for this dietary trend. With a little planning and…


Is The Lion King too scary for kids? (no spoiler review)

Posted on: by Kate

Disney’s re-imagined “The Lion King” is set to hit theaters on July 19th.  While some consider the newest version of The Lion King the ‘live action’ version, it is actually…

Lion King Guests

The Lion King – pictures from The Red Carpet!

Posted on: by Kate

I remember sitting in the theater with two of my best friends the week the animated film The Lion King hit theaters for the first time more than 2 decades…

Ralph Breaks the Internet BluRay bonus features!

Posted on: by Kate

Animation lovers, rejoice!  Ralph Breaks the Internet is now available to enjoy at home! On February 12, 2019 the follow up to Wreck it Ralph became available on Digital and…

Ralph Breaks the Internet event

Behind the scenes at Disney and ABC! #RalphBreakstheInternetEvent

Posted on: by Kate

I am packing my bags again in anticipation of a behind the scenes look at Disney Animation and ABC Television!  I will be in Los Angeles starting this weekend to…

First look at Ralph Breaks the Internet!

Posted on: by Kate

Walt Disney Animation Studios tends to release an animated film every year just in time for my birthday.  Some may say it is for Thanksgiving, but I like to think…

Disneyland kid 80s

Throwback Thursday Disneyland : the Husband edition

Posted on: by Kate

This is a picture of my hubby’s first trip to Disneyland.   How cool is he rockin that plaid shirt and faux fur trimmed corduroy jacket.   This was a really special…