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too scary

Ralph Breaks the Internet – Is Wreck it Ralph 2 Too Scary for Kids?

Posted on: by Kate

The wait is over! Ralph Breaks the Internet opens in theaters today! Everyone is asking if the sequel to Wreck it Ralph is too scary for kids.  Families with young…

Women at Disney – Pamela Ribon and comfy princesses

Posted on: by Kate

As you know, I was able to attend a press junket for Ralph Breaks the Internet as well as the Red Carpet Premiere.  I am so excited about Ralph Breaks…

Disney Virtual Reality

Disney Virtual Reality – Ralph Breaks VR!

Posted on: by Kate

While in Los Angeles for the Ralph Breaks the Internet Event, our group visited Void VR.  While there we experienced the brand new Ralph Breaks the Internet VR experience before…

Fun facts about Ralph Breaks the Internet; meet the artists behind the scenes!

Posted on: by Kate

We are less than a month away from Ralph Breaks the Internet hitting theaters!  I will actually be in Los Angeles again for the red carpet premiere (more on that…