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Terra Willy – Animated Film for the Whole Family! On Demand Today!

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Terra Willy is the newest animated film that is flying into our homes today.  Originally bound for theaters everywhere, it has made an early and unexpected turn to your living room! 

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Terra Willy will be available everywhere On Demand on October 27th (today!).  The film is rated PG and perfect for the whole family.  Our kids watched and loved it.  As a parent who has watched the film, I would say it is a very mild PG. While our family would have loved to see Terra Willy in theaters; we are so thankful we had the opportunity to have a fun movie night in while we continue to shelter in place. Critics are loving it, it is currently 100% certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes!

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What is Terra Willy?

Terra Willy is a futuristic adventure animated film for families.  When the youngest member of the Willy family is separated from his family during a space adventure, he knows he is in for a wild adventure.  The Willy’s space ship is destroyed and the boy’s rescue capsule lands on an unexplored planet.  Thankfully, Willy is not alone.  “Buck” is the name of the survival robot who lands with Willy to help him navigate the unknown and wild planet.  While awaiting rescue, Willy and Buck befriend an adorable alien named “Flash”.  Fun and adventure ensues as they explore the whimsical and sometimes dangerous new world.

For more information, check out Terra Willy trailer below…..

 When a young boy crash lands on an unexplored planet, he must rely on a survival robot and an alien creature to help him find his way home.”

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Terra Willy FREE Printable Activity Sheets

Check out the Terra Willy inspired coloring sheets and activity pages below.  Kids can print and enjoy engaging with the characters and even making simple recipes inspired by the film. 

Thank you to the good folks at Viva Kids Films who allow us to use and share these licensed printables for free with our audience. We love that we have high quality printable content for our readers to enjoy at home, especially during these crazy times. We are sure our readers will find them to make their viewing experience even more out of this world. When things go back to normal, please feel free to use these printables at school and daycare as well.  Stay safe, friends!




Follow @VivaKidsFilms for more fun and make sure to use the hashtag #TerraWilly to find others enjoying the film and printables too!

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