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That time I met Fergie

Disclosure: This article is part of a series from our press trip to Disney and ABC Studios. All expenses were paid and articles were expected to be written. All opinions are my own.


Of all the things I thought I would never say “That time I met Fergie…” surely tops the list.


A few weeks ago some friends and I were able to sit down and talk with Fergie about everything from the AMAs to what it is like doing it all as a new mom.

I love sneak peeks into artist’s work, but I really love listening to a new mom gush about their kiddo.  Fergie talked to us about how she makes it all work as an musician, a performer, a fashion icon, a wife, and new mom to her handsome little boy Axl Jack.

When asked how she does it all, she had a great answer….. “That is a constant challenge, but that is why I didn’t have the baby and then put music out right away.  I wanted to make sure I had my structure as being a mom and just starting with simplicity.  I was really blessed to have that time at home and just be with my baby.”  She spoke candidly about how her husband had experienced babies before, but Axl was kind of her first experience with a new baby.

She spoke at length about how important it is to schedule time to make sure everything gets done.  She shared about how there is a place for everything from working out to writing to Axl cuddles to date nights with her husband.  She said making and sticking to her schedule makes sure nothing ends up suffering.  She shouted out iCal – which I am totally looking up.  She said having an app that lays out her schedule in front of her so everything is taken care of really helps her.  My favorite quote from Fergie –  “You can have it all, but not all at once.”

love it.

And just as quickly we transitioned from talking about mommy time to talking about her new album and specifically LA Love (La La).  She spoke about her pride and love about being from Los Angeles, but also felt it is international and that is so important to her because she has performed all over the world throughout the years.  She called it her “Love letter from me to the world!” letting everyone she has visited all over the globe the last 10 years know that Fergie is back!

And keeping true to her word Fergie is working on a new album (coming in 2015!) and ready to perform her newest single LA Love (La La) for the first time on the American Music Awards live Sunday 8/7c!  And if that isn’t enough, she will be co – hosting Dick Clark’s Rockin Eve Live on December 31st!




Until Next Time ~ Kate

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