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The best baby shower gift ideas!

Posted on: by Kate


Spring is in the air! I always think of Spring as ‘baby shower season’.  Spring is a beautiful time for baby showers!  I have partnered with Kinsa to talk about my favorite types of baby shower gifts this year.  I want to take this moment to share some of my favorite ideas in four different categories.  Depending on your relationship with the parents to be, you may want to buy a heirloom, practical, cute, or necessity gift for their baby.  I tend to buy (or make!) gifts from all four categories depending on the parent and also if this is a first baby or not.  Here are just a few of my favorite baby shower ideas for each category!


Heirloom gifts

While most baby gifts are used and passed down when baby grows up; heirloom gifts can be passed down from generation to generation. Heirloom gifts are my favorite gifts for first babies of the family or the first boy after several girls, or first girl after several boys.

Handmade blankets – A handmade blanket (either by you or etsy) made to match baby’s nursery is oh so sweet and will be treasured for years to come.  My babies all were blessed with heirloom blankets and they also used my baby blankets.

Baby booties – while babies often get far more shoes than they will ever wear – a beautiful pair of handmade booties is oh so sweet!

Holiday ornaments – a ‘Baby’s first Christmas” ornament is treasured and lovely memory every holiday season when the ornament is unwrapped.


Necessity gifts

I know there is nothing fancy about it, but often times parents to be are really hoping for necessities as gifts.  These won’t get you any “oohs and ahhs” from the attendees, but Mommy will be thankful that their new baby budget is helped out by your gift of necessary items.

Diapers and wipes – this is often the biggest part of the budget and new parents typically have no idea how many babies go through each day, week, month, year.  Keep in mind that little ones will outgrow newborn size very quickly and this is the most popular size purchased for baby showers.  I think the best size for gift giving is size 2/3 or even size 4 – there is nothing better than finding a free box of diapers several months after baby arrives and real life and budget have set in!

Baby Wash, Rash Cream, and other consumables – Babies have so many personal care items and again, this can really help with a new baby budget!  If the baby is the first in the family and you are an expert, new mommy will be so thankful for sharing your favorite items with their baby.  Grab a cute basket and fill it with everything baby will need for bath and diapering – again, not fancy or heirloom quality but it will be much appreciated!

Breast feeding items or formula feeding items – If you know how mom plans on feeding and you feel comfortable – finding items that aid in feeding are so appreciated!  If mom is breast feeding there are pumping supplies, bags, creams, tea to boost milk production, nursing tank tops, and more!  If mom is formula feeding (or doing a combination of the two) you can purchase everything from bottles and bottle cleaners to formula itself!


Practical gifts

I am sharing three gifts in each category, except for practical gifts.  In this category I am going to simply feature our sponsor because this is the most practical gift I can think of for a baby shower.  The Kinsa Thermometer is something I have mentioned before.  We have been using ours for over a year and we truly love that for the price of conventional thermometer we have one that now provides us with so many more options and help.  You can purchase a Kinsa through the link or in person at Target!



For those that are new around here and haven’t heard me mention it before, let me explain why you would want a Kinsa thermometer over any other thermometer on the market.  The Kinsa works exclusively with the Kinsa App (the App is FREE!).  The Kinsa reads your temperature just like a regular thermometer, but it offers so much more.  You use it with your iPhone so it never loses it’s energy source (assuming your iPhone is charged that is!).  Before I owned the Kinsa I bought a thermometer every year because it was honestly easier than replacing a battery – so wasteful and expensive!  The Kinsa also stores information about users – past temperatures, symptoms, allergies, medications, and even tracks what is going around in the area.  After using the Kinsa for a year I honestly don’t know why anyone buys any other thermometer, nothing compares!

The Kinsa Thermometer is a risk free investment. Kinsa Health offers FREE shipping, free returns, and a money back guarantee.


Cute gifts

While I am typically a practical and necessity kinda girl, I can’t seem to avoid buying cutesy gifts for babies.  Popular non necessity items are adorable clothes, toys, and room decor!

Adorable clothing – Babies need far less clothing than the baby section will lead you to believe.  Enough onesies to change a couple times a day and some nightgowns will hold them for at least the first few months, but what is the fun in that?  Bring on the dresses, hats, ridiculous jeans with teensie back pockets, and of course, a sweater vest or two! My tip is leave the tags on and include a receipt. Give mama the option to return if baby grows too fast to don your three piece suit.

Toys – Toys are often times quite practical in that play time is learning and bonding time. While baby toys definitely go in the ‘cute’ category for baby shower gift ideas, they are really are a practical gift too! Find a toy that is cute, but also something you think will engage a growing baby.  My kid’s favorite toys were cuddly plush animals that engaged them with singing and questions.  It’s fun to watch kids learn to love a toy on different levels.

Room Decor – let’s be real.  For the most part, room decor is just for mama.  Or even if it is for baby, my experience is baby doesn’t really seem to care about the wall hangings and matching lamps for quite some time.  That being said, it warms many moms to nest and decorate.  If you know the theme or color scheme, find something pretty to hang on the wall or a coordinating blanket.  Mama will love it!


And because Kinsa is our wonderful sponsor and I think the concept is sometimes kind of hard to understand – I have left a video clip below so you can see a little more about how the Kinsa Thermometer and Kinsa App work together………….

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Candy says:

    Love your ideas for baby gifts. Now I know what to look for

  2. michelle mink says:

    i love making diaper cakes as we all know how expensive diapers are because of how often you need them

  3. Joanna says:

    I absolutely love this crocheted blanket like the one from heirloom gifts like you showed! Beautiful ideas:)

  4. Rowan says:

    LOVE these ideas – pinned for the next shower! Thank you

  5. Francesca says:

    I treasure the handmade blankets and sweaters I received at both of my showers! They were made by my husband’s grandmother and I would love if they would be passed down through the generations!

  6. These are all must haves! As much as I loved the cute gifts in retrospect I would have really loved getting more diapers in various sizes!

  7. Chelsea says:

    I’m not a parent yet but I feel like I would just want others to buy me diapers!!! LOL.

    • kate says:

      make sure to tell people that if when you have kiddos – otherwise you are gonna get a boatload of silly outfits haha!

  8. Deynece says:

    What a great thermometer. Diapers is always a must!

  9. Autumn says:

    I really like to give swaddlers as a gift. My son loved to be swaddled and it always soothed him.

  10. Emily Stone says:

    Fabulous ideas, I’m always a sucker for cute baby gifts, especially when you have a little girl!

  11. Charlotte M says:

    Ah, there are some lovely gift ideas here. It’s difficult to try and not get carried away when it comes to baby gifts. I’ve just made a big purchase form Piccoli and Co for my pregnant best friend, I just couldn’t help myself haha.

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