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Throwback Thursday Disneyland : the Husband edition

Posted on: by Kate

Disneyland kid 80s

This is a picture of my hubby’s first trip to Disneyland.   How cool is he rockin that plaid shirt and faux fur trimmed corduroy jacket.   This was a really special trip for my husband’s family.  They grew up without a lot of anything, but they saved up for a trip to Disneyland and my husband remembers the trip fondly.  Most of the pictures are under lock and key in Abuela’s treasured photo albums, but because of the awesomeness of facebook, I was able to grab these two shots.

Disneyland Throwback Thursday 80s

I mean….. that is some cute stuff.

Harry was about eight when he went to Disneyland for the first time.  How old were you at your first trip to Disneyland?

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