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Throwback Thursday : Metcha Day!

Posted on: by Kate

I still can’t get over the fact that we met our little boy SIX years ago this week.  Seriously – SIX years!  Today for Throwback Thursday : Metcha day!  “Metcha Day” is the day you meet the child you are in the process of adopting.  It’s kind of amazing……..

Russian Adoption

Russian Orphan

Metcha day

Daddy and me

International adoption

At the time that I prepost these photos – it is still not an option for Americans to adopt Russian children.  The estimation of how many orphans are in Russia varies greatly – but it is somewhere between 400 thousand and some estimate as much as 4 million (if you include street children…. which I totally do).  Americans were only ever allowed to adopt children that Russians had already rejected.  International families were only ever allowed to adopt children that Russian families did not want.

I can’t wrap my head around the fact that my little boy entered an orphanage at two days old and nobody in all of Russia wanted  him.  A more or less totally healthy – chunky and adorable baby boy just sitting in an over run orphanage.  He went on an International list and by the grace of God we were the first people to see his file….. and the rest is history!

There are no less orphans in Russia now than there were when we adopted S.  Americans historically adopted more children (American children as well as other countries) than any other country.  Sadly, Americans are no longer allowed to adopt in Russia so I wonder about the handsome babies just like him and I worry helplessly.

I pray that Russian and American relationships improve.  I pray that Russians will soften their hearts and opinions towards disability and orphans – I pray more will adopt.  I pray Russia will spend more money on their kids that wait for homes.  And I honestly pray Americans will be allowed to adopt in Russia until their orphan crisis is no more.  I continue to pray for our friends who met children on a day like the one photographed here, parents who promised little children that they would be back soon to make it official, and then were shut out.  My heart aches for almost families and my prayers just don’t feel like enough……

In the meantime, we promise to do our very best to give our son a life that will show Russia how cherished he is.  We will share with him the rich heritage of his homeland, but also give him the opportunity he simply didn’t have behind orphanage walls.  Our son and all his energy tests us daily – but we are so honored and thankful for the opportunity to be his parents.

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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