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That time my kids called ‘baloney’ on the Easter Bunny

Time to reshare this epic moment where our big kids figured out the Easter Bunny.  I miss these fun little kid moments so much.  If you still have littles who love the Easter Bunny; cherish ever minute! My teens are tweens still love Easter and still play along, but it just isn’t the same. Anyways, read this fun story about who they think the Easter Bunny really is.

easter bunny baloney

So my big kids are eight years old.  They are somewhat skeptical little monkeys and between you and me, I cannot for the life of me figure out why they haven’t figured out Santa is a hoax yet.  To be fair, nobody here has told them he is fake; I just thought they would have figured it out by now.

In a world that is moving so fast, we consider our eight year olds still believing in Santa as a special, innocent, fleeting gift.  We aren’t the kind to rush our kids into growing up.  Childhood is special and magical and you can’t go back.  The big giant non-magical world will be waiting for them when they are ready.  So while we don’t really build up Santa, we aren’t doing anything to tear the idea of him down either.

The tooth fairy is still going strong in our house too….. we have been perpetuating that silliness a bit I suppose.  You can read about how I told them the ‘Truth’ about the Tooth Fairy if you like too!

The thing they have figured out though is that the Easter Bunny is baloney.  They have had this figured out for more than a year.  But once again, I let them spin their wheels and come up with their own theory.  This theory is in two parts.  Last year they came up with something fairly brilliant.  This year they have expanded on that theory.  So with no further delay – here is my kids calling out the Easter Bunny.

So last year my daughter goes “I don’t really see how the Easter Bunny can get to all those houses, he is just a bunny.”

Me “Well, I don’t know kiddo, I mean, Santa does it too.”

J ” Yeah, but Santa is a person, the Easter Bunny is a rabbit.”

Brother quips in “And do you know, the Easter Bunny is NEVER a bunny, he is a bunny suit Mom, those are not real bunnies, I see their heads, they are a suit that zips up, like at Disneyland but not as nice as Disneyland.”

J “Yeah Bubs!  Santa is a man and we see his face and the Easter Bunny if he was magical he would be a giant bunny but he is just like a fake toy.”

* Now this is where some kids might be all “Mom, is the Easter Bunny real or is it pretend?”  This is also where some parents might be like “Hey guys, I have to tell you some hard truths about the Easter Bunny.” – but for entertainment sake I let the kids just roll and I am so glad I did.*

J “What if the Easter Bunny is Santa Claus?!”

S *hysterical laughter* pause *light bulb*  no words.

J “What if he is?!” pause “He totally is.”

S “Yes!  The Easter Bunny is not a bunny, he is a guy in a suit and he is the size of Santa. Big.”

J “And not just anyone can be in a bunny suit and go to all the houses that do Easter, only someone magic, so there isn’t anyone else that is magic like Santa.”

S “And Santa isn’t busy at Easter, only Christmas, so he is probably bored and that is why he started Easter Bunny stuff.”

J “Prob’ly’

And they poked a hole in the validity of the Easter Bunny fable AND solidified it all at the same time.

*end scene*

So this year it got even better.  Here’s the scene.  We are all in the car.

Me “Guys, can you believe Easter is only a couple weeks away?”

S “Yeah!  I hope that Santa is rested!”

J “Yeah, cuz Mom don’t you think Santa is the Easter Bunny like we do?  I don’t think anybody else knows that.”

Me “I think you guys are on to something, but don’t tell people OK?  We don’t want to bum them out.”

Unison “K!”

Here’s where it gets good….

J “It’s probably harder to get around fast when you are in a bunny costume even if you are Santa and have magic.”

S “There’s probably a bunch of them….. -”

J “That’s crazy, there is only one Santa so there can only be one Easter Bunny!” pause “Wait. Unless the Easter Bunny isn’t Santa but Santa turns the reindeer into Easter Bunnies.”

I kid you not.

S “Oh!!!!!”  *hands in the air as if to say ‘Eureka!’* “That makes sense!  That’s how they move so fast because they can fly!  And reindeer are animals just like bunnies.  Yes, that is it, we figured it out.”

All on their own you guys.  No, I don’t feel even a little bit bad about not correcting them.





Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Mindy says:

    Hahaha! This was a great read to start my Monday! Kids say the most hilarious things, and have such AMAZING imaginations! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. yaitza says:

    My son is older than your kids and the moment he said, I don’t think Santa is real, I said: if you do not believe then you stop getting presents… Needless to say, he’s now 13 and still believes in Santa… lol

  3. That’s awesome! I love how kids’ minds work! (Mine haven’t even started to question anything, and they’re starting to get older!)

  4. My middle son is 10 and he don’t believe in Santa but I tell him to not ruin for his little brother or there will be no gifts since I have the control now not Santa lol

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