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What the heck is a Friendship Card Exchange?

Posted on: by Kate
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I have three kids.  Two of my kids had “Friendship Card Exchange” day on the last day in class before Valentine’s Day.  They were going to have crafts, sweet treats, music, and exchange cards with one another.  You may ask “What the heck is a Friendship Card Exchange?”. Oh, it’s just the thinnest of thinly veiled Valentine’s Day.  It is so silly. I don’t think one parent referred to the Friendship Card Exchange without using air quotes and a ‘sarcasm font’ voice.

Look, I am not one of those people that shouts from the rooftops that there is a war on Christmas because we don’t sing “Away in a Manger” or even “Here comes Santa Claus” during the holidays.  I’m not.  Winter break and winter celebration is cool and makes sense. We can easily take faith based stuff out (it is a public school with lots of different backgrounds and we have plenty of faith based stuff at home and at Church) and still enjoy the winter.  Curriculum and party theme changes and you have a whole thing there with ‘winter’ instead of ‘holiday’.

But what the heck is a Friendship Card Exchange?  It’s like you aren’t even trying.  It’s literally the same thing just a different name. I really want to know, there is nothing you can buy that says “Happy Friendship Day” or at least not at the Target I went to. I even asked “So, can we do hearts? Can the cards say Valentine on them? Like how is this different?”  Teachers are all “It’s the same, we just changed the name.” *sigh*

So. Unnecessarily. Dumb.

We have friend’s schools that don’t do Valentine’s Day but the same week they celebrate the 100 days of School – everyone brings 100 of something or dress up like an old person – it’s awesome – they just skip Valentine’s Day all together.  Kids that don’t participate in holidays seem to be much more comfortable and don’t excuse themselves for the day.  It’s great.  I might also be more into this because it isn’t about food coloring and candy.  I kinda hate the ‘buy some crap candy, red preferred and tape it to a heart shaped card. repeat 30 times.’  My kids can’t really hold their food coloring so they get one candy and the rest gets tossed.  I feel like it is terribly wasteful.  It’s a hassle for all those moms who package some for my kids who will literally toss.  It’s a hassle for me because I have to participate but my kids are all “Wahhhh, why does everyone else get to eat the lollipops but we can’t, wahhhhh!”  And I have to respond “Because you have the meanest mom and I am sorry, it’s genetic, I got it from my mom.”  and they all go “Haha, but really, whyyyyyyy?”  Ugh.  and I really just wish we skipped the nonsense and have ‘100’s day’ or like I don’t know, just school. Skip it all together.  *gasp* I know, I am the worst.


This is a sampling of my kid’s bounty from “Friendship Card Exchange Day”….. come on you guys.

I am just calling ‘Baloney’ on the Friendship Card Exchange and asking whoever the planning committee is to maybe reach a little further.    I don’t have a thing against being politically correct, you just need to bring it full circle and this wasn’t it.  This was just ‘Let’s slap a label on Valentine’s Day and do the same thing we always do.”, nobody is buying it.  I am not sure why that got under my skin, but I am just saying – let’s just go back to Valentine’s Day next year or branch out a wee bit further.

*Ends somewhat unnecessary rant*



Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. paula says:

    I hear you!!!! I was born an raised in a different country, and now that I have a first grader living in USA I have to google what all this nonsense means (that is how I came across this post, btw). He came home with the class list and I don’t know what the heck I am supposed to do. Every task like this takes me a week or two to figure it out and still, I feel I am never up to it. Either I over do it or under do it. I feel this is more work for the parents. How about taking the children and volunteer somewhere instead? This seems meaningless to me.

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