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Women’s History Month Coloring Sheets

March is Women’s History Month. Today we are sharing several free high resolution printable Women’s History Month coloring sheets to celebrate incredible women who have made our world a better place.  We wish we could feature every brave, intelligent, and strong woman who fought for a seat at the table.  This library of free coloring activity sheets celebrating Women’s History month will continue to grow.

We have dozens of printable activity sheets featuring famous women in history below! Click and print coloring pages featuring women in STEM like astronaut Christina Koch , scientist Katherine Johnson, and Amelia Earhart. Instantly download activity pages featuring women in politics like Katie Porter, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and more. Learn about Anne Frank’s diary and print out a coloring page of the young female author. Color pictures of Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and so many more. Feel free to click and print as many coloring pages of inspiring women all year round, but especially during Women’s History Month.


Women’s History Month Coloring Pages

Click and Print these free coloring pages to supplement teaching time. When our kids were little they loved to color while listening to their history lesson. We found that coloring helped with listening and retention while we were home schooling. Click to use in the classroom or home school!

Why do we celebrate Women’s History Month?

 Women’s History Month is in March every year. While history lessons should be shared about everyone who made it; patriarchy has put a wrench in that.  For one; women have not historically had as much space at the table, but even when they are invited they are often left out of the story. Thankfully we now have Women’s History Month to focus on women’s often overlooked contributions. Women have contributed since the founding of the United States and continue to help us move forward. We will also include women from all over the world who have contributed to advancements in humanity.

This is a growing list that we will add to every year. If you are looking for coloring sheets of important women in history; please leave a suggestion in the comments! I would love to have this library grow into the best resource possible.

Teachers are welcome to share a direct link to this webpage to their students and other teachers. Many of the coloring sheets below are free; a few are listed on Etsy for instant download for less than a dollar.  Thank you for visiting our site and using as many of the free options as you wish! I would love for you to consider supporting a ‘back to school’ mom trying to pay for dance lessons and running shoes by checking out what I have to sell on Etsy. Even if you do not want to purchase anything; just visiting today is helpful – as blog traffic still creates some revenue for our family while I work towards finishing school.

Women’s History Month Activity Sheets

Below you will find more than a dozen coloring pages featuring influential women. Coloring pages of women in politics, STEM, and athletes. Click and print as many as you would like for your classroom.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Coloring Page FREE Download

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Coloring Page Activity sheet free download

Click the thumbnail for a FULL sized free image of Ruth Bader Gisnburg!

Ella Fitzgerald Coloring Page

Ella Fitzgerald Coloring Page instant download for womens history month and black history month

click for full size image to print for free!

Frida Kahlo Coloring Page

A larger version of this printable is available for FREE on our Frida Kahlo Coloring Page article. This is an instant download. No purchase or email is necessary.

Frida Kahlo Coloring Page instant download - Mexican American Heritage women's history month art history coloring page instant download

click for a full sized coloring page featuring Frida Kahlo

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Coloring Page

alexandria ocasio cortez coloring page AOC printable activity sheet womans history month

Kids love to see someone who isn’t an entire dinosaur in government. AOC is thinking of future generations and regular people in her work.

Rep Ilhan Omar Coloring Page

Rep Ilhan Omar printable coloring page for black history and women's history month. Free instant download for teachers

Rep Katie Porter Coloring Page

A larger version of this printable is available for FREE on our Katie Porter Coloring Page article. This is an instant download. No purchase or email is necessary.

Katie Porter Coloring Page instant download activity sheet for teachers and kids

Click for a full sized coloring page featuring Katie Porter.

Katie Porter is currently running for the Senate in 2024. It is important even for young children to know who is running for government positions. Click and print and show your kids a video of Katie Porter asking a rich person to do poor people math.

Malala Yousafzai Coloring Page

Malala Coloring Page free instant download

Instant Download of Malala Yousafzai Coloring Sheet Here!

click and print instant download Malala Yousafzai coloring page school homeschool curriculum

Dolores Huerta Coloring Page

Dolores Huerta American Woman Activist coloring page for women's history month

Below is a link to our paid version, but above you may print out the Dolores Huerta coloring Page for FREE!

dolores huerta coloring page instant download school and homsechool teacher resource

Princess Diana Coloring page

Princess Diana free coloring page wearing revenge dress royal family

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Click the name above for the original post to print out a full sized printable coloring page of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

Ketanji Brown Jackson coloring page instant download teacher resource

Sandra Day O’Connor Coloring Page

Instant Download Full sized Sandra Day O’Connor Coloring Page HERE!

sandra day oconnor instant downloadable coloring page homeschool curriculum womens history


Anne Frank Coloring Page

Click for the full sized activity page of Anne Frank.

Anne Frank Instant Download Printable activity sheet for coloring

Click the link above for the full sized printable activity sheet.

Susan B Anthony Coloring Page

Coming soon!


Below are several Coloring sheets featuring strong female role models that we have shared in the past. Many of these printables are also on our Black History Month Coloring Pages master list. The title above the thumbnails is clickable. On that page you will find a full sized printable.

Female Athletes Coloring Pages

Wilma Rudolph Instant Download Coloring Pages

Wilma Rudolph Coloring Page instant download black history month woman athletes

Megan Rapinoe Coloring Page

Click the link above for a full sized coloring page featuring Megan Rapinoe.  This coloring page is free and does not require an email. Instant download.

megan rapinoe free printable soccer coloring page usa

Sue Bird Coloring Page

sue bird womans basketball olympics coloring page high resolution free printable

Simone Biles Coloring Page

Women in Politics Coloring Pages

First Ladies of the United States Coloring Pages

Michelle Obama Coloring Page

Eleanor Roosevelt Instant Download Coloring Page

Eleanor Roosevelt Coloring Page instant download

Abigail Adams Coloring Pages – Instant Download

abigail adams coloring pages first lady of the united states instant download

Women in Politics Coloring Pages

Shirley Chisholm Coloring Page

shirley Chisholm coloring activity sheet page black history month

Vice President Kamala Harris

printable coloring page of Kamala Harris Vice President of the United States

Stacey Abrams Coloring Page

Instant Download Stacey Abrams Coloring Page

stacey abrams educational coloring sheet printable free

Dr. Jill Biden Coloring Sheet

Dr Jill Biden First Lady of the United States Coloring Page

Rosa Parks Coloring Page

Rosa Parks Coloring page free black history month civil rights movement

Harriet Tubman Coloring Page

Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill

Women Helping Save the Environment Coloring Pages

Greta Thunberg Coloring Page

Greta Thunberg Earth Day Coloring sheet

Jane Goodall Coloring Page  – coming soon!


Women in the Arts Coloring Pages

Poet – Amanda Gorman Coloring Page

Amanda Gorman presidential inaguration poet printable coloring sheet

Women in Science Coloring Pages

Katherine Johnson Coloring Page

Instant Download Katherine Johnson Coloring Page Here!

Katherine Johnson coloring page printable activity sheet black history womens history month school resource

Female Astronaut Coloring Page

jessica meir printable coloring sheet woman astronaut


coloring page Christina Koch free high resolution

Amelia Earhart Coloring Page

Amelia Earhart coloring page instant download activity sheet for women's history month

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to attempt to fly an airplane around the Earth. She was incredibly smart and brave despite she and her plane being lost on her journey.

If you enjoy this free educational printable coloring sheet celebrating Women’s History Mnth, make sure to check out our educational printable section featuring  California Missions, and so many more! We also have ‘just for fun’ coloring sheets featuring  Gabby’s Dollhouse Coloring Sheets , We Can Be Heroes Coloring Sheets, Sharkboy and Lavagirl Coloring Sheets, American Girl Doll Coloring Sheets , Olaf Coloring Sheets, Coco Coloring Sheets , Trolls Coloring Sheets and so many more on our site!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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