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Russia Selfie

Posted on: by Kate

Russia Selfie

Seriously – how many of you have a picture like this? I just had to share.  This was taken long before we had iPhones or a camera phone of any kind.  My husband took this Russian selfie with a real live camera.  He just couldn’t go to Moscow without a picture and nobody was in Red Square to take a picture of him!

Harry went on the last trip to Russia to bring our little Russian home by himself.  He went to Red Square and took some pictures before picking up our little Bubba.  He wanted to spend every minute he could just bonding with our newest baby once he was home.  Touristy stuff was the last thing on our mind when we were there as a couple, we were just trying to get everything done for our adoption and get back home with our kiddo as quickly as we could.  When he was there for the last trip he found he had a lot of down time before he came home so he actually took several photo tours, I’m kinda jealous that I wasn’t able to be a part of that last trip – he saw some really magical things that I am not sure I will ever have the opportunity to see with my own eyes.  Oh well, Bubba came home and that is all that matters!

Selfies are kind of a normal thing now but we were cracking up when we saw this.  We hope to visit Russia again someday – but when we do we will hopefully take some pictures as a group or at least use a cell phone for our selfies.  Anyway, I know it is random but I wanted to share!

This may not be the Russian Selfie you were looking for if you typed it into google – but I hope it gave you a good laugh!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. James says:

    Hi Kate,

    I’m a producer for an agency here in San Francisco, CA (Pereira & O’Dell) and we are currently doing a campaign for our client, Skype. It’s called Friends and Family and as we are looking for some images to use for banners, email, Facebook and other digital avenues for Skype, we ran into this one of Harry in Russia and wanted to see if it would be ok for us to use for promotional purposes?

    Let me know and look forward to hearing from you.



  2. ellen beck says:

    Actually that isnt bad fora ‘selfie’ with a camera. I would love to one day see Russia as that is my heritage. Our family came here many many years ago,but I have a fascination with it. I think Red Square is beautiful.

    • kate says:

      agreed – he did that with a big professional camera! Russia is beautiful, it isn’t without it’s faults, but it is a beautiful country with good people – the food is awful though – ha ha!

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