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Wordless Wednesday : San Diego Zoo

Posted on: by Kate

striped june bug

A little June Bug my kids had to pick up in the parking lot…..

San Diego Zoo

A very rare sighting indeed…………. a picture of the whole family!


This Wombat lives in the new Australian Outback “Koalafornia” Exhibit.  My husband told me that under no uncertain terms will we ever own a wombat as a pet….. I may never forgive him.


What?! Another picture of all of us? Crazy!


I’ve been told “No Koala Either.” – so bummed.

Baby Giraffe San Diego Zoo

He said “Maybe.” on the Baby Giraffe idea – I mean seriously…… how freaking cute is that?

garden San Diego Zoo

We stopped to take some photos of the Koi Fish – I think this is one of the most beautiful areas of the San Diego Zoo and we almost always miss it!

Koi Fish San Diego Zoo

Our family has a Yearly Membership to the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  We pay for this membership ourselves and we get LOTS of use out of it.  As explained in the link – we also love that it is tax deductible!  If you are local to SoCal and think you would visit even just two or three times a year it totally pays for itself!  Check out our pictures of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park Lemur Walk too!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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