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Seven Years Ago Today………

Posted on: by Kate


Seven years ago today I was hanging out with my husband and six month old.  I honestly have no idea what we did.  We were probably excited about parading our kid around in her second hand giraffe costume to obtain candy for ourselves in a few days…. but other than that, there probably wasn’t much going on in our little house.

Daddy and Baby

Little did we know then what a very special day this day in the middle of October would be to us; someday.

newborn photo(the only picture we have of our son which was taken Seven Years Ago Today, the only picture between this and those we took of him are four referral photos, all blurry as well, taken when he was about 8 months old)

Seven Years Ago Today, in a run down hospital, in a tiny Russian town an eighteen year old girl gave birth to her second baby.  She named him a strong Russian first name, she gave him her middle name.  Her middle name means something to those who know a bit about Russian culture, for those that don’t know – it means her son had no birth father.  She gave birth a few weeks early to a small, but fairly healthy little boy with no real complications.  She left the hospital the next day.  He stayed.

A few days later he went ‘home’.  His home for the next year would be shared with dozens of other kids, newborns to five years old.  State employees took care of his most basic needs, please hear me when I say I am not saying they didn’t do a good job, they did the BEST they could, but they were employees, not mommies.  No birth family ever visited him, even though they were allowed to.  No Russian families ever met him after seeing his file.  So he waited.  Eventually he reached the age that allowed him to be available to international families, eight months later.

And in a story we have already told, we saw his sweet, fat face in a referral photo nearly 9 months after his birth….. and after a whole lot of airline miles, a lot of tears, and a lot of prayer , and too many months – he came home to us.

It’s different to have a child that you weren’t there for their birth.  I really wish I knew more about that day, I wish I kinda knew what a special day it was when it happened.  It blows my mind that that day in October Seven Years Ago Today just came and went without us having any idea of how significant it was to us.  I had a dream years later that I was in the delivery room when my son was born and I cut the cord ( if you know me at all, you know I probably couldn’t handle literally cutting a cord….. but I think the dream just meant how much I really wanted to be there – intimately, and I wasn’t).

So we weren’t there from the beginning, but we are so so thankful to be his parents now.

And, just like every year he is home, it is surreal.  This year, perhaps more surreal than the years before.  Now because of the Russian Adoption Ban we feel like our son is even more of a gift.


(pictures we took to help our friends raise funds to adopt from his homeland last year!)


What do we wish for his 7th year?  We wish for more of the same from him, and a bit more patience and trust from us.  Oh he can be crazy – what is the deal with little boys?! Where is all that energy from? I can’t even get through on Insanity DVD, he could do it all day long….. we are just trying to keep up! He has taught his straight laced parents that we need to loosen up a bit, laugh a little more, and trust all that he has already overcome.

What does he wish for his 7th year?  He wishes for Star Wars stuff, a skate board, Souplantation dinner, sugar cereal, a trip to the snow, and for his top tooth to fall out. He’s not getting all of it, but I think it will still be a pretty cool day!


Oh Bubs, we are so thankful to be your parents – Happy Birthday Bubba!


Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Erika Elmuts says:

    What a heartwarming post! We all yearn for things in our parenting experiences that we never got to do, or see….yet this particular thing touches my heart. My former sis in law has two adopted children, yet she was able to be there for both births. He is one lucky little boy to have “found” you. 🙂

    • Kate says:

      Ah thank you Erika =) We all feel blessed and lucky to have found each other! We were able to be there for our youngest’s birth (also adopted) – I love both of our adoption stories – but I do think it is crazy that we just didn’t even know what an awesome day it was when it first happened <3

  2. Alli says:

    What a great story! Happy Birthday little man!

  3. Oh, I love this story, Kate. I probably have told you before that I have always felt a calling to adopt a child but I feel that train may have come and gone. (Meanwhile we said we would never get another pet but we recently adopted a little puppy whose ears were cut off and he was left for dead in a dumpster…maybe that was what I was called to do?!) I am so happy I got a chance to briefly meet your sweet family recently. 🙂

    • Kate says:

      Colleen – I do remember you telling me that when we adopted our littlest =) – we always adopted doggies and kitties to as a family – and when we choose to add a furry family member it will totally be adoption for pets too! You never know – maybe you will adopt a kiddo some day – if not, maybe support a friend who it works for their family. Thanks so much for your kind words – we feel super fortunate to have the family we have =)

  4. Kate says:

    Thank you for always reading AJ – I love that we can keep in touch a bit this way! Love to you and Grandpa!!

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