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Cinderella coloring pages

Are you a huge fan of the New live action Disney Film Cinderella?  So are we!  I am so excited to share these brand new Cinderella coloring pages!  There are multiple coloring pages here, no need to sign up for anything – just click and print. We have tons of free Disney printables and I am super excited to add these Cinderella printables to the mix!  Enjoy…..

If you need a high quality print version of the  Cinderella coloring pages, download a pdf file with all the pages on the last page of this article.

Cinderella coloring pages at the ball

Cinderella coloring pages fairy godmother

“Ella meets Kit for the first time” and “Making the carriage”.


Cinderella coloring pages Kit

Cinderella coloring pages making the carriage

Print out Cinderella with the mice and loosing her slipper.


Cinderella coloring pages mice

Cinderella coloring pages slipperSee the prince slip the slipper on Cinderella and see the step sisters getting ready for the ball.


Cinderella coloring pages slipper fits

Cinderella coloring pages stepsisters

Cinderella coloring pages wicked stepmother

We loved the New live action Cinderella by Disney – we felt it modernized the story just a touch but kept all the innocence of the original Disney classic!  Click here —>  to read my review & enter an awesome giveaway for the New Cinderella  !




Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Jacqui says:

    Love these! So cute. I pinned, too!

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