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Hundreds of FREE Printable Cartoon Coloring Pages

Coloring pages featuring your favorite cartoons are a click away.  Search our giant catalog of free high resolution printable coloring pages featuring hundreds of characters.  Disney cartoon coloring pages, Fox cartoon coloring pages, Dreamworks coloring pages, LEGO coloring pages, and more. Check out your favorite movies, TV shows, and streaming series.  These are completely free to use. Bookmark this free resource for families as we will continue to expand this list.
There are nearly 1000 coloring pages on this blog. We will continue to add more coloring pages every month. While not all coloring pages are cartoons; the majority are! I have made an alphabetical list of our cartoon coloring pages here. There are currently hundreds of individual coloring pages and activity sheets featuring beloved cartoon characters already listed, soon to be thousands! Thousands of free coloring pages for hours of entertainment!
cartoon coloring pages free instant click and print

Click and print any of these high resolution coloring page and enjoy at home or school. Coloring pages you can print from home are great additions to birthday parties for little kids.  Download any of these for personal use and color digitally too.  Each link is to a direct page on our site with several themed coloring pages. Many of these coloring pages are free licensed printables created by the movie studios and some are simply fan art created by me.  Grab your crayons, markers, or paints and get ready to bring your favorite silly and sweet cartoon characters to life! Thank you to all the movie studios who sent us beautiful licensed coloring pages, we are so thankful to share them with cartoon fans here.

Looking for your favorite Cartoons? Please leave a comment if your favorite animated characters are not featured on the list below.  We will see if we can add it.

Cartoon Coloring Pages – Instant Download and Print!


Aladdin Coloring Pages

Click the link of each coloring page to get the full set of coloring pages.  Aladdin and Jasmine on a magic carpet is our most popular of the Aladdin coloring pages and activity sheets!

Aladdin Jasmine magic carpet coloring page

Alice in Wonderland Coloring Page

mad hatter coloring sheet pouring tea

Alice in Wonderland is a classic animated Disney film! Click the link for a couple cartoon coloring pages.

BFG Coloring Pages

bfg instant download coloring pages

The BFG is a classic book and now a classic Disney film.

Bluey Coloring Pages

Instant download Bluey Christmas Coloring page

Bluey Coloring Pages feature Bluey celebrating holidays and seasons.  Click to see the growing list of Bluey content!

Bob’s Burgers Coloring Pages

Fans of the cartoon Bob’s Burgers and the Bob’s Burgers movie will love to click and instantly color the characters. The Belcher family as well as the famous Beefsquawtch are featured.

Boss Baby Coloring Pages

Boss Baby printable

Boss Baby is a series on Netflix as well as an animated film! Click and print the high resolution coloring pages

Big Hero 6 Coloring Pages

Cars (Pixar) Coloring Pages

Cinderella Coloring Pages

Coco Coloring Pages

Cruella Coloring Pages

Do Re & Mi Coloring Pages

Elio Coloring Pages – Instant Download Pixar Coloring Pages!

Elio Coloring Page disney pixar activity sheet instant download

Elemental Coloring pages

Encanto Coloring Pages

Finding Dory Coloring Pages

Firebuds Coloring Pages

firebuds coloring pages activity sheets

Future Worm Coloring Pages

Gabby’s Dollhouse Coloring Pages

Go Dog Go Coloring Pages

Ice Age Coloring Pages

Incredibles Coloring Pages

Inside Out Coloring Pages

Jungle Book Coloring Pages

LEGO Movie Coloring Pages

LEGO Ninjago Coloring Pages

Lightyear Coloring Pages (Toy Story!)

Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

Luca Coloring Pages

Madagascar Coloring Page

(The) Mighty Ones Coloring Pages

Moana Coloring Pages

Onward Coloring Pages

Raya and the Last Dragon Coloring Pages

Ron’s Gone Wrong Coloring Pages

Sherlock Gnomes Coloring Pages

Sing Coloring Sheets

The Small One Coloring Page

Treasure Planet Coloring Page

Morph pink blob Treasure Planet coloring page instant download and print

Star Wars Coloring Pages

Strange World Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

Strange World Coloring page Splat

Sword and the Stone Coloring page

Trash Truck Coloring Pages

Trolls Printable Coloring Pages

Turning Red Coloring Pages

Upside Down Magic Coloring Pages

Vivo Coloring Pages

WISH Movie Coloring Pages

Wreck it Ralph Coloring Pages

Wrinkle in Time Coloring Pages

Zootopia Coloring Pages

Thank you for visiting our blog today! Please feel free to click and print as many of these coloring pages as you would like.  Nearly every coloring page on our site is completely free; a few exclusive coloring pages do cost about one dollar.  These unique coloring pages do help keep our site up and running as well as help pay for art supplies, classes, and more! 

What is Animation?

Many of these coloring pages are based on animated movies or animated series.  What is animation? An animated film a motion picture that is made from a series of drawings, computer graphics, or photographs of inanimate objects (such as puppets) and that simulates movement by slight progressive changes in each frame.

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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