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Thanksgiving coloring pages

turkey coloring pages

Now that Halloween is behind us, I can’t wait to start getting ready for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving coloring pages are such a fun way to get in the spirit of things. …

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Thanksgiving Free Printable : Easy Thankful Door Trees

Thanksgiving tree printable

Thanksgiving is an American tradition.  Thanksgiving offers us the reminder to pause and think about what we are thankful for.  It is important in our family that our kids know…

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Lilo Costume : Easy NO SEW Halloween DIY

DIY Lilo Costume

DIY Lilo costume! Our kids love Disney costumes and we are really into dressing up for Mickey’s Halloween Party!  While we would love to buy outfits from The Disney Store,…

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DIY Valentine’s Day Card with Candy Canes

Don’t hate me, but Valentine’s Day is not my jam.  More specifically, Valentine’s Day parties at kid’s schools are not my jam.  I will never be accused of an over…

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Make a DIY Ornament out of kids Sports Medals for your Christmas Tree!

kids sports medals ornament

Kids sports are so fun.  Our kids have played soccer, basketball, karate, flag football, lacrosse, and more over the years. It is not uncommon for one of our kids to…

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Holiday themed printables from Zootopia

Disney's Zootopia Flash

Our family is super excited about Zootopia coming to theaters, you may heard much of it just yet but I promise it is going to be one of the cutest…

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Easy Elf on the Shelf Idea – Olaf “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”

Easy elf on the shelf

I am all about Easy Elf on a Shelf Ideas, in fact last year we shared our “Mediocre Elf on the Shelf Ideas“.  Our kids love it, we know they…

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American Girl Doll Halloween Costume

Now that I have ‘tweens’ I am always looking for a modest Halloween Costume. My oldest is a bit of an American Girl Doll fan.  Imagine my excitement when I…

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DIY “Inside Out” Craft

School’s out! It is summer craft time and summer movie time!  While we were at Disney Social Media Moms we got a sneak peek at Disney Pixar’s Inside Out and…

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Pottery Barn Inspired Ruler : $7 verses $99

I love Pottery Barn so much.  Sadly, I am not a billionaire.   Thankfully, I do have $7 and I am married to someone very handy.   In one afternoon my husband…

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Easy DIY Baymax Hat

We recently had a Big Hero 6 themed birthday party and we were surprised to find that there were already a few cool Big Hero 6 themed products for the…

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Free Party Printables for Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 Printable party pack

We are knee deep in party planning for our Big Hero 6 birthday party for our new nine year old.  While there are not a ton of Big Hero 6…

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“Don’t Forget My Hearts Mom!” Easy Valentine’s Day Tradition

Hearts On the Door Valentines Day

Last year we started a ridiculously easy Valentine’s Day Tradition in our house.  We knew it would be a hit, but we didn’t realize how much they would love it. …

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Baymax Easter Eggs

Baymax easter eggs

Here is an easy easter craft. The Big Hero 6 love is still very strong in our house.  All of my kids are in LOVE with Baymax but especially my…

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DIY Baymax Ornament : Easy Kid’s Crafts from Big Hero 6

This year we made our cutest DIY ornament to date!  Our daughter cannot wait to share her DIY Baymax ornaments with her friends and family.  This craft is truly something…

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DIY Olaf Costume Instructions

diy Olaf Costume

When my son asked for a DIY Olaf Costume for Mickey’s Halloween Party this year we had no idea the beast of a project we were signing up for.  My…

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Our DIY Olaf Costume for Halloween!

DIY Olaf Costume

So when our son asked us last November if we could make him an Olaf costume we were all “Sure Buddy!” we had no idea how crazy complicated it was…

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Sneak Peek at our DIY Olaf Halloween Costume

DIY Olaf Costume Sneak Peek

So last year as we drove home from the media screening of Frozen my son says “Daddy, can you make me an Olaf Halloween costume next year?”  Harry had made…

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DIY “Happy Back to School” Oversized Card for the teacher

Happy Back to School!!! Our big kids are so excited about Back to School and they can’t wait to meet their new teachers. Our kids are continuing with a half…

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Peter Pan and Wendy Costumes : Boy & Girl Twin Costume Ideas

One of the best things about having boy and girl “Twins” is the costumes.  I mean, I love that they have a life long built in playmate, but the costumes…

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