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Honest Tea & Honest Kids : Organic Drinks that helped us kick our soda habit!

Disclosure: We received several boxes of Honest Tea Products to share our honest opinions with our readers. We have been fans of Honest Tea for a long time anyway, and of course all opinions are my own.

Honest Half and Half

Our family discovered Honest Tea and Honest Kids about a year ago and it has really been such a great benefit for our family.  We are committed to raising healthy kids and making healthier choices for ourselves too.  The hubs and I both have a tiny soda habit.  We don’t ever have it in the house, but because we grew up having the occasional soda, and drank a ton of it in high school and college we crave it all the time.  We used to order a soda almost every time we went out to eat, we would sometimes go through a drive thru just for a soda fix. (I know, I know, bad, bad, bad)….. but then we discovered something yummy and organic to take it’s place!

While our kid’s do not drink soda (they are allowed a Sprite on an airplane and a Shirley Temple on their birthdays, so far that is it), but we think there is way too much sugar (even natural sugar) in juice, it just doesn’t seem necessary.  While we don’t want our kids to have all that added sugar, our kids really want to have juice pouches in their lunches just the like the rest of their friends.  We also like to provide a special treat at birthday parties, but with cake and ice cream on the menu do we really need soda or even juice?

On our quest to add more natural and organic items into our diets we stumbled upon the Honest Tea brand.


Our kids LOVE the Honest Kids juice pouches – I’m not gonna lie, I occasionally sneak one while I am packing lunches.  They are a tad sweet, but they are 100% organic and are cut with water – so they don’t get all that sugar.  We put these pouches in their lunches on school days and also use them at every birthday party!  It always surprises me how many moms pick up the juice pouch and say “Wow! I have never heard of these!”

Honest Kids Drinks

I think many parents have kept their kids away from soda but still haven’t broken the habit within themselves, and we fell in that category.  We honestly don’t even crave soda anymore since we have started drinking Honest Tea and Honest Ade!  My husband LOVES Honest Ade (every flavor) and I am pretty sure I could live on a diet of Honest Sweet Tea and Honest Half & Half.  So, so good!  I like that these large bottles contain ONE serving – so many individual bottles include 2 1/2 servings and the calorie count is out of control!  The whole bottle is 100 calories (or less), the whole bottle is one serving – that is easy to understand, and that is honest!

honest sweet tea

Another thing I love about Honest Tea is they are very environmentally responsible, check out the video below showing how they work at keeping the environment cared for here and abroad……..

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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