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Schitt’s Creek viewing party costume ideas

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Schitt’s Creek season 5 is here and fans are thrilled!  We discovered this show during its first season when nobody we knew had ever even heard of it.  Now that the world is caught up, people are loving this post of our Schitt’s Creek Halloween costumes that we bribed our kids to participate in.  If by chance you do not know what Schitt’s Creek is, get thee to a television immediately. If you were a fan of the movie Waiting for Guffman from the 1990s, this is the show for you.  If you were not a fan of Waiting for Guffman in the 90s, you are still gonna laugh your head off. I should state for the record that even though our kids are in these pictures, it really is a show that is more suited for grown ups.  If you are going to a viewing party, this eccentric show begs for dress up.

Costumes for Schitt’s Creek viewing parties are ridiculously easy to make.  While most of our costumes came from thrift stores, we also curated a list of costumes on Amazon for those too fancy for thrift stores. Dress up as your favorite member of the Rose family!


Who here is counting down the days to Schitt’s Creek Season 4? We discovered Schitt’s Creek last year and it seems to have exploded in popularity since then.  We were thrilled when we heard there would be a fourth season.  On January 24th, our favorite fancy, out of place family comes to TV with all new adventures. We are thrilled to share a few Schitt’s Creeking Viewing Party costume ideas!

schitts creek costume

You may remember that our family dressed up as five characters from Schitt’s Creek for a Halloween photo shoot!  It was kind of hilarious.  For one, these are just fun characters to dress up as.  It was funnier still because we got our children involved.  We found picture perfect costumes for Moira, Johnny, Alexis, and David Rose. A Schitt’s Creek costume round up photo shoot would be nothing without Stevie Budd. We were so thrilled, even members of the cast shared our pictures on social media!

family costumes for schitts creek party

Today I am sharing our costumes again, but also some easy costume options if you would like to get into the spirit and dress up for a Schitt’s Creek viewing party! With budget and authenticity in mind, I have curated some great options for some of the most popular characters in Schitt’s Creek.  Consider this just a guide.  You are sure to search and find many more options!

moira and johnny rose schitts creek costumes diy

First, the easy button.  If you are not interested in committing to a full costume for Schitt’s Creek, at least come in a fun Schitt’s Creek themed t-shirt.

Moira Rose is seriously one of the easiest costumes to pull off.  Black and white and over the top.  The more outlandish, the better.  Moira loves jackets and detailed collars. She typically wears items with a high neckline and long sleeves.  Do not shy away from jewelry.  A large broach or multiple layer necklace is a must. Bright red lipstick is 100% necessary for Mrs. Rose. Here are some fun Moira Rose costume ideas.

Johnny Rose is likely the easiest costume to put together.  A light grey suit, dress shoes, and a pretty pocket square.  Harry wore a purple pocket square.  A color that pops is best.  Eugene Levy has gigantic eyebrows, these are easy to draw in!

David Rose is just like his Mama. Black and white clothing and a little over the top.  While he wears sweaters with stars, big shapes, and even a poncho or two, stripes are his signature look.  This sweater is reasonably priced and looks a lot like David Rose to me.

Alexis Rose is a stylish socialite with a boho flair.  My oldest daughter pulled the look off with a flowy short white dress and a simple headband.  A big floppy felt hat, a short shift dress, and some rich girl attitude is really all you need.

And Stevie is seriously such an easy costume!  Jeans, flannel button down, and a pair of converse = done.

stevie budd costume

While I spent many hours curating most of our costume items by thrifting, I feel like Amazon would have been more streamlined.

From the official Schitt’s Creek website :

“As season four begins, the Roses are making the most of life in Schitt’s Creek, and —Moira’s constant talk of escaping aside— are finally starting to feel at home in the town. Johnny is busy running the motel with Stevie as his partner. Business is booming, but it’s a challenge for him to balance work and family, while dealing with Roland’s antics. Moira is carrying out her duties with Town Council and the Jazzagals, and is also looking for new ways to utilize her talents, whether it’s through a theatrical performance, or by helping Alexis navigate event planning. David is managing his store and attempting to maintain a brand new relationship, but between struggling to find the time for romance, and overcoming the anxieties of his dating past, this is proving to be a challenge. Meanwhile, Alexis is putting all of her energy into school and her career, but is finding it difficult to focus when she still has lingering feelings for her ex-fiancé, Ted.”

I CAN’T WAIT!! Thank you to the creators of Schitt’s Creek for giving us so much joy.  It is seriously our favorite show, you all are geniuses.

See our original post from our Schitt’s Creek Photo shoot and please sit down, because it is so fun that you are gonna want to sit down. Once again, thank you to Christel Tran who was cool enough to see our silly vision when we asked about a Schitt’s Creek photo shoot and she was all “I’ve never seen that show, but that’s cool.” If you are looking for a really talented San Diego photographer, she’s super awesome!


Until Next Time ~ Kate
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