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Throwback Thursday Disneyland

I found a treasure trove of Throwback Thursday material in my mom’s photo albums.  My family tended to go to Disneyland at least once a year from when I was about two years old.  Some of our best family memories are at Disneyland and we are excited to continue that tradition with our family…..

vintage Donald Duck

This is little old me at four years old with Donald Duck. Considering this picture is in the thirty year old range does that make it vintage? Does it make me vintage? *sigh* Anyway, I bet there are a lot of folks out there there with vintage Disneyland / Disney World / etc photos right? I LOVE looking at old Disney photos – so let’s link it up! Throwback is a loose term – the older the better but we all know that kids grow up FAST and even looking at a picture from a year or two ago with a little one may seem like a lifetime ago right?

So link up your old school Disneyland pics!

Please only link Disney “Throwback Thursday” themed blog posts – we’ll do other link ups in the future – but this one – let’s just do Disney pics ‘Kay?

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  3. Dawn Cullo says:

    Such a cute picture, you look so happy. Donald is way cute too even though sometimes the vintage characters look creepy.

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