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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party!

Just a few snapshots from our baby girl’s birthday party!  In all honestly we seriously considered not having a birthday party this year – I mean, two year olds don’t even know what a birthday party is right?  However, we didn’t want her to grow up and see that we did a birthday party every year for the other kids and skipped out on hers – so we put together a fun little play date with a few friends and cupcakes.  C loves Minnie Mouse more than anything so we got her a cute little Minnie Mouse dress and got a few fun themed out items.

We had a playdate at Grandma & Grandpa’s house – and this is how it went down……….

Minnie Mouse Party Dress

We opened our present – we bought a bunch of Minnie Mouse stuff on Clearance from The Disney Store – woot!

Minnie Mouse Party

Everyone donned Disney themed attire in Baby Sister’s honor.  Even Daddy!

2 year old birthday party


“Let us in!” ~ C’s friends


Hangin’ with my buddy!

baby wearing

Our littlest guest was apparently super unimpressed by the lack of games, prizes, and all over theme….. so he just went to sleep.

minnie mouse

Baby C “Hey, want a cupcake?”

C’s friend “Nah, I’m watching my sugar intake.”

C “Alright then, more for me!”


baby wearing glasses

Everyone got fun Heart Shaped Glasses as a party favor!

backyard playground

Grandpa built this playhouse when I was a kid – I didn’t really appreciate it back then – but as mom of three with a TINY backyard now – I TOTALLY appreciate it – as do my kids!


Baby Batman

Don’t be jealous – but Batman made an appearance!

baby batman

Bouncy Castle

We got a bouncy castle for almost two full days for $85 (plus tip) – not too shabby – it kept the big kids entertained the whole next day too!

birthday party family picture

Nothing fancy at all – nothing sponsored at all – I just thought family and friends might enjoy watching our little celebration from afar.  As some may remember C was born with a severe heart condition and cleft issues making her quite the little miracle!  We do not take any kid’s birthday for granted – but her’s was a little harder to come by and we sure are thankful!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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