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Sneak Peek at our DIY Olaf Halloween Costume


So last year as we drove home from the media screening of Frozen my son says “Daddy, can you make me an Olaf Halloween costume next year?”  Harry had made Bub’s a LEGO Thor Costume that Halloween.  It was awesome.  “Sure! I can totally make an Olaf costume next year buddy, no problem!” said Dad.  Well, at the end of Summer we always start our Halloween costumes, we hope to trick or treat at Mickey’s Halloween Party this year again.  Little Miss C will be wearing her DIY no sew Elsa dress and Sister J has not figured her costume out yet (it may be Rapunzel, it may be a bride, it may be Anna; she still has time to figure it out).  Anyway, we thought our Bubs might just change his mind, but he didn’t – he had to be Olaf.  Well, that was gonna be tricky.  We did a quick search to see what kind of Olaf costumes we could purchase and we just weren’t fans so of course we decided to make it!

Daddy loves a challenge so he has been working tirelessly at making the best Olaf costume he can.  Gramma Rosie (AKA my mom) got roped into the deal as she often does.  I’m not much of an architect or a seamstress, so basically I just stay out of their way and sing their praises on the internet.

Please enjoy a few fun photos I have taken while staying out of the way over the last couple weeks on page two.


*The madness just beginning……*

diy olaf

*So much foam*

diy olaf

* My favorite guess on the below was ‘Violet from Willy Wonka when she is a blueberry’ – the template would work for that too so we will tuck it into our memory just in case!*

snowball diy

*The mint green colored foam really threw people off.  Several folks guessed Sulley from Monster’s Inc at this pic.  Those would be some great Sulley feet!*

diy olaf

* People thought this sneak peek was of a hat, not a chest piece.  We had a couple folks guess Goofy and one guessed a Dalmatian.  I can totally see both!*

diy olaf chest and sleeves

*My mom texted us this picture a day later – you guys, it is sooooo cute!*

diy snowman

*The head almost made Harry’s head explode.  It took several paper rough drafts…. several*

diy olaf

* Yay!!! It worked!!! *

diy olaf head

*And one more….. can you see it coming together?*

diy olaf

Let’s just say this costume is going to be adorable, but it is taking a ridiculous amount of time.  Our goal was to keep our costume under $30 and at last count we hit just over $50; but we are pretty sure we are done with purchases at this point.  We are debating whether or not to put a step by step instructions out – what do you think?  It’s not easy you guys…. but it is going to be super cute.  So let us know – “Do you want to build a snowman?”

Please leave some supportive comments to my husband and mom in the comment section below, they have been pulling their hair out over this thing and I bet they would love to hear some applause!

We will share the final product on Instagram as soon as it is complete <— follow us there!

Also – follow our Kids & Family Costumes page on Pinterest – lots of Frozen, Disney, and more DIY ideas!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. I saw Halloween in the title of your post, and thought… Already!!! But it’s the perfect time to start looking at costumes. Very cute Olaf costume. 🙂

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      I know! It is so early! The last two years we have gotten a little out of hand with Halloween costumes HAHA – and we start them when we are still on summer break because we know we won’t do them if we haven’t started once school comes around! It is going to be pretty crazy 😉

  2. Julie B says:

    It looks amazing! We are also looking to build our son an Olaf costume. We would love the step by step instructions or even just some pictures of the base foam pieces to get us started. Keep up the good work!

  3. Mindy says:

    Your costume is awesome! Oh please! Oh please! Share your instructions or at least some helpful direction. My daughter wants to be Olaf but I can’t find an affordable adult costume. She’s only 7 but cannot wear children’s sizes. The head shape has me at a loss. I’m not sure how to get the shape or the material to use. I can’t wait to see the whole costume! Thanks for sharing your pictures. They are an inspiration!

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      Hi Mindy ~ He was planning on sharing – it has become MUCH more difficult and tedious than when he first attempted – and it wasn’t exactly inexpensive – it’s a bit of a beast of a project, but he is planning on sharing =)

  4. Tara says:

    Oh my goodness. it’s going to be an amazing costume! I can’t wait to see it finished!

  5. Jessica Shearer says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  6. Shawna Wilt says:

    I love it! A step by step would be great. Even if we don’t do exactly like yours we can get inspiration. .

  7. Lorry says:

    So cool. Can’t wait to see what it looks like!!

  8. Kim says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!! Would love the step by step! Especially for the head! Looking good!

  9. […] or it just wasn’t worth doing.  For those of you that did not see our sneak peek – check it out here – you can see he made several drafts on the computer, sketched out, and then several 3-D […]

  10. CD says:

    Would you be able to provide the pattern?

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      Hi CD – You can see in our last Olaf costume post we are working on a ‘general’ pattern that will be available in the coming weeks. It was extremely tedious and quite a lot of trial & error – but he is putting together a general pattern – thanks!

  11. Mary says:

    Hi Kate, How did you get the foam pieces to stay together so well? Our daughter’s request is to have Dad be Olaf but there’s definitely a shortage of adult versions of the costume. Your post is an inspiration for a new mommy project. 🙂

  12. Amy says:

    That is fantastic!!! I am wanting to be Olaf for the Kindergarten parade. I made my Minion costume last year and the kids loved it. (Olaf’s head looks tricky. A pattern would be a definite time saver.) I love Olaf, He had me in tears from laughter in the theater. It seems fitting that I choose him for my costume this year. I hope I can do as well as you did. You guys rocked it!

  13. Gai says:

    Hi Kate, I’m at the moment trying to get my head around making this costume for my daughter. i had been toying around with a number of ideas until i came across this post. Thanks heaps. How can I get my hands on your pattern?

  14. Theresa says:

    I can’t believe there’s a way to get a pattern for this. I was wracking my head on how to go about starting! My son, a Sr. in High Schl is in an a Cappella choir & every year they do a cabaret for the elementary students. It’s always Disney themed & this year he wants to be Olaf!! I like what I see so far… thanks so very much. Now, how can I get a pattern for the head and anything else, Adult, XL?

  15. Theresa says:

    Thank you so very much, Kate. I am so appreciative to you for the Olaf pattern.
    I have been watching some of your other video blogs… I’m new to your site. When my kids were young, most of their wardrobe was from garage sales or thrift stores too. I love the way you make it look so cool & chique!! I didn’t realize it was good for the earth, too. Love the Black Bean recipe…Love Organic! God Bless you & your family.

  16. It’s looking great!!! Can’t wait to see the pattern to try making one myself.

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      the pattern is available – check out the sidebar or below the article for the other blog posts including the one with instructions =)

  17. Ronnie says:

    I was wondering what is the thickness of the foam, and does that rest on his head or not? I am trying to make an Olaf costume and Ottis is the easiest pattern type that I have found

    • kate says:

      Hi Ronnie – I believe he used about 1 – 2 inch foam – he used a bike helmet in the head – I think the info is in the instructions =) best of luck!

  18. Ronnie says:

    Where exactly are the instructions?

  19. Rosemary Lognion says:

    I am a bit late but can I still purchase a copy of the actual pattern?

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